Are you looking for ways to save money without sacrificing your way of life? MrsJanuary.com shares everything you need to know about saving money by living a frugal lifestyle.

There is a big difference between being cheap and being frugal. Cheap people don’t spend money at all. Frugal people will spend money, but they will do research beforehand, making sure they are getting the best possible deal.

MrsJanuary.com is dedicated to showing you that frugality can be fun and easy.

I can help you with the following:

  • Using Coupons in Canada
  • Personal Finance Tips & Tricks
  • Frugal Living Ideas
  • Recipes & Menu Planning

…and much much more!

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About Me

Cassie Howard Mrs JanuaryMrsJanuary.com was founded in 2007 by me, Cassie Howard. I have helped thousands of people save money through the use of coupons and bargain hunting. I teach Canadians how to save money and live frugally – without sucking the fun out of life.

I enjoy cooking, baking, photography, dark chocolate and hunting for deals on everything from groceries, clothing, furniture, vacations and more! I can often be found playing with my 2 kids, taking photos of my food, or wrapping Christmas presents in July (that I found on sale!).


I’m not doing this alone…

Erica is my assistant and is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly here. She willingly does every little task I throw at her, from posting deals and freebies, to moderating our Facebook page. She does it all, and I would be lost without her!

Ashley & Bambi help me get all of those deals out there to you. They find amazing coupons, samples and deals for you, then post them on the site and social media, to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Nicole & Ashley help with the weekly coupon match-ups that are posted every week. These posts take a long time to do, and if it wasn’t for these two ladies, I’d be working on these match-ups for hours and hours all alone each week!

Karen is a fantastic writer and is also a frugalista like myself, so she helps me out by writing helpful, practical, money-saving articles for my readers. I love that we can bounce post ideas off of each other and get those creative juices flowing!

Dan is the tech junkie of MrsJanuary.com and is the one making sure that the site is user-friendly, fixing technical issues and creating amazing programs that help me run my business more smoothly.

Top 10 Posts on MrsJanuary.com:

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MrsJanuary.com and Cassie Howard have been featured in the following publications:

Featured In - The Hamiltom Spectator
Featured In - MoneySense
Featured In - Chatelaine
Featured In - Global News
Featured In - The Globe And Mail
Featured In - The Mississauga News
Featured In - The Vancouver Sun

Testimonials From MrsJanuary.com Readers:

MrsJanuary.com is my guide to couponing and has proven to be a great money saver. (Naomi Plasse)

I love MrsJanuary.com and recommend it to everyone! Using Cassie’s guidance I was able to cut my grocery bill down drastically and greatly improve the quality of life for my family.
(Michelle Marie)

I check MrsJanuary.com every day for the latest savings and tips for frugal living. Cassie is great; she is always wanting to help out and answer my questions.
(Melissa Anne)

Cassie is one of the few honest, wholesome, fair and reliable sources for couponing and frugal living that I’ve found online. With the help and guidance found on this website, in 6 months I’ve gone from spending nearly $800 per month to feed and supply my family of 3, to spending less than $300 per month!
(Sharon Lw)

Learning how to coupon from MrsJanuary.com and using a lot of the other money saving tips on the site, I have been able to save a lot of money on food items.
(Wendy Krause Baron)

MrsJanuary is for everyone! You don’t have to be an “extreme couponer” to benefit from reading the articles and taking Cassie’s sensible spending advice. I have learned to be more aware of all our spending – not just groceries.
(Erin Reimer)

Thank you MrsJanuary.com for all of the great advice, especially the coupon match-ups. My fiancee and I have saved tons of money on our grocery bill with your guidance. We also got so many great tips on how to save money on our upcoming wedding!
(Tara Feskun)

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