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  1. Krista says:

    What’s going on, I ask you?!
    What happened to the days when you could just get a coupon in the store?
    Remember the good old days when you could just pick up a $1.00 Europe’s Best coupon, and it was also on sale for $2.99?
    Those were the good old days : )

  2. Patricia says:

    Krista….I agree with you, mind you so many times the coupons were gone or not replaced etc. you can see a few coupons but not many. The Canadian Wholesale club puts all the coupons up on a board at the entrance to the store, now I find that a lot handier than trying to spot them when in the store pushing the cart!

  3. Gail says:

    I hate using websaver! They require you to order a minimum of 3 coupons in order to get the Europe’s Best coupon. But what if I’ve already ordered the other coupons and there are no others to add to my order? I lose out on the Europe’s Best 🙁

  4. Kimber says:

    Not to sound rude or come of like I’m a “hater” but things have changed every since “extreme couponing shows and site like Mrs. January. I think it’s great that your teaching people, but it sucks cause some of us that have been using coupons for years are definitely feeling the affects.

  5. crafter says:

    I used to be resentful of the “frenzy” of extreme couponing and savings blogs…now, I’ve changed my opinion to a positive one: Mrs January’s posts have saved me a lot of money!
    Here’s what I’ve noticed:
    1) Grocery stores are now lowering their prices and price matching to respond to the customer demands and compete with cross border shopping
    2) I used to save money on my own with coupons, now I have more guidance to direct me to the deals that I need rather than impulse buys because I found a cpn or can get money back on a upc for an item I don’t need or want.
    3) The manufacturers have cut back on coupons not just because of the demand but because of the changes in the market i.e. they seem to be doing more promotional pricing deals with vendors instead of coupons which are more costly for them and labour intensive. I prefer it that way, I seem to save more than I did when I forgot to tote my cpn binder along…take Metro for instance, they now show their sale deductions at the end of the bill to track their promo items.
    4) Without credit to abuse nowadays, many young families simply have no choice but to coupon and adopt a frugal lifestyle to survive. Gone are the days of racking up Zellers credit cards and endless consolidating.
    4)for some, couponing is a way of life, for others, it’s simply a phase…things seem to balance out over time. From extreme couponing, to extreme contesting, gold hunting in thrift stores, antique picking and using metal detectors for treasures…some stay and many move on.

  6. Krista says:

    @crafter, I think the Canadian retailers are making changes you described, in anticipation of Target coming to Canada. Also, our dollar is worth more than the US dollar now. This is why the change are happening IMHO.

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