Canada Coupon: $2 Off Dr. Oetker Panebello Pizza ( Coupon)

Panebello Coupon Canada Sept2012

Save $2 off Dr. Oetker Panebello Pizza with this new coupon from

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  1. Mary Vite says:

    I love your Panebello best new product Canadian Living pizza however, it has been about a month that I have not been able to purchase the bacon peperone and mushroom pizza here in Bolton Walmart is always out, Zehers does not carry it and Garden Foods only has Vegetable and Goat Cheese and one other kind.
    Now I have been very good advertisement for your pizza I tell everyone how I’m Italian and this is the best frozen pizza I have every tasted. Maybe I should not tell anyone anymore because Walmart being such a big store has not had any for so long they seem to have all other kinds of Panebello types but not the one I like. Please tell me where I can obtain some of the pizza that me and my husband love so much. I love it so much I think I could probably do a commercial on it and be very convincing!

  2. Linda says:

    panebello has an amazing texture and I love saving $2 with coupons!!!

  3. Sharon price says:

    I love panebello pizza was wondering if you could send some coupons to me as I missed the $2one

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