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  • Canada Coupons: Save $2.00 On Any 2 Wonder Bread Loaves

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    7 Responses to »
    Canada Coupons: Save $2.00 On Any 2 Wonder Bread Loaves

    1. Tammy says:

      Thanks So much Mary & Christine :)

    2. leatitia says:

      I guess the coupon is not for Quebec resident. It disappeared when I logged in. Too bad!

    3. mary says:

      @Tammy, if you go through the rightathome website, you’ll be able to “get more coupons” & add the wonder bread one, it just worked for me. I had the same problem before i didn’t have enough coupons to click on the wonderbread box.

    4. Christine says:

      @Tammy – set up another Websaver account with a new email .. you will have the option of selecting 3+ coupons if you do that.

    5. Tammy says:

      This wonder bread coupon is awesome.. but to recive you must choose 3 coupons and the only coupon it will let my pick is wonderbread … too bad , some poeple can’t get it :(

    6. Ashley H says:

      Oooh awesome coupon!!

      @Anne: The free Glade is for Quebec only, which is why you can see it until you login it detects which province you are in.

    7. Anne says:

      Hello: I just checked off the spot for a free Glade product and when I clicked on “get my coupons” it had disappeared. Can you tell me where it went? thanks

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