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  • How To Make “Oversized Coupon” Holders For Your Coupon Binder

  • This is a guest post by reader Keri.

    I have been reading that people were buying 4×6 photo holders as holders for their Go Coupons, or any oversized coupons… and I thought to myself “there’s no way I’m spending that kind of money for a coupon holder”.

    So I got out my page protectors, a knife, some scissors, a piece of cardboard, a ruler and some tape and got to work. It didn’t take me very long and now my coupons are all neatly organized and easily accesible. :)

    Here’s what you’ll need:


    Step 1: Take your first page protector and insert your piece of cardboard (it is used to prevent you from cutting through both sides of your sheet protector.) Then cut a section similar to the one I’ve outlined with a black permanent marker using a ruler and a sharp knife.


    Step 2: Now go approximately to the middle of the page protector and cut out a rectangle like the one I’ve show in black permanent marker. Be sure not to cut the whole way through both sides and also not right to the edge of the sheet protector, or you’ll have problems.


    Step 3: Next, take a piece of tape, not longer than the opening, and tape the bottom of the top “pocket” to the back page of the page protector. The only thing you have to be careful of here is not to tape closed the bottom “pocket” as well.


    Step 4: Insert coupons and place in binder… and that’s it!


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    How To Make “Oversized Coupon” Holders For Your Coupon Binder

    1. Mia says:

      I tried out this method and it took me too long to make just one, and I had at least 100 oversized coupons that needed a home, so I knew this method wouldn’t work for me. It was an expensive option, but I ended up buying 10-pack 4×6 binder sized album sleeves from Staples (around 5.82/pack if I remember correctly). These were great for tearpad coupons – they fit perfectly. But what didn’t fit so well were the Go Coupons and Toonies for Tummies coupons. So for that, this tutorial was perfect. I ended up making about 10 more holders using this tutorial as a guide. Counting my full sized sheet protectors that I use for printables, now I essentially have 4 different sized holders in my coupon binder. :)

      So thank you again for the tutorial – it helped me out!

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