Janes – Coupons For Janes Chicken, $2 Off

Coupon for Janes.

Janes chicken Coupon Smartsource June 2013

Print this new coupon for Janes chicken from SmartSource.ca and save $2 off – Any one Janes chicken products.

Remember, 2 prints per computer are allowed.

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  1. diane says:

    Thank you so much Cassie for all you do!!! You have changed our home forever. I just wanted to mention -it says not available. Is it still working? Thank you in advance!

    • Bambi Blue says:

      No problem! I will pass on your message to Cassie 🙂

      They must be all out of coupons for now — hopefully they’ll be back up soon!

  2. Shelly says:

    Every time I print anything from the this site it always cuts out the expiry date. How do I report this problem? It costs money for my ink my paper and then I also lose out on the coupon and gas to drive there to find out they can’t take it. Not very happy.

  3. Vicki says:

    Have to enable Java on my computer to print the coupons, which is so complicated that I am very annoyed. Can’t you have the print option more user friendly? I really want the coupons.

    • Bambi Blue says:

      Shoot SmartSource an email (there’s a Get Help link at the bottom of the page) and let them know. I’ve emailed them before about the same problem.

      Hope you get an answer!

  4. Enne Remtula says:

    Why so much difficulty in printing your coupons….if you want people to buy your products shouldn’t you make it easier.

    • Bambi Blue says:

      Hi Enne —

      We are not in any way affiliated with Jane’s. Please contact the company directly with any complaints you might have for them. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out.

      This coupon is from June 2013 and is no longer available.

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