Kandoo – Coupon For Kandoo Personal Care Product, Save $2

Coupon for Kandoo.

Coupon for $2 off Kandoo Product May2013

Print this coupon for any Kandoo Personal Care Product and save $2.

Coupon expires August 31, 2013.

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  1. Jill says:

    When I open this it is only a $1 coupon, Am I missing something?

    • Erica Ashley says:

      guess they changed the $2 coupon to a $1 coupon now. Thanks for letting us know.

      • Amy Lee says:

        I went to Target today and was refused this coupon. I just wanted to confirm that this coupon was originally posted on the manufacturer’s website. When it was posted on mrsjanuary.com I saved the pdf so that I can print it off as I needed the coupon since it doesn’t expire until August 31, 2013 and there wasn’t a limit imposed by the manufacturer. Is that an acceptable practice?? I’m new to couponing so I’m not sure!

        • Erica Ashley says:

          Did you receive a reason as to why Target refused the coupon?

          • Amy Lee says:

            They said that they don’t take Internet coupons but when I challenged them with their coupon policy they said that the barcode had to be scannable into their Target registers. Is that true? That’s not my interpretation of their policy. He continued on by saying that there are a lot of fraudulent internet coupons and therefore they are not accepting any. But I again challenged him that even Target provides Internet coupons to their customers and he said that they take those because they are scannable into their systems.

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