Tracking Your Coupon Savings

This is a guest post by Lina Zussino of Grocery Alerts

Are you tracking your coupon savings? Do you ever wonder how coupon mavens manage to tell you how much money they have saved using grocery coupons?

One very important part of couponing is tracking how much you are saving. It is great to see the impact couponing makes on your grocery budget at the end of the year! If you do not currently track your coupon savings, now is as good a time as any to start!

I wanted to show a few free ways to track your coupon savings.

Google Docs Savings Template

The Coupon Lady has created a great spreadsheet located at Google Docs Savings Template. It is a tool that lets you track your savings at certain stores.

This was my experience:
– The Charts output was very attractive.
– The Google Docs spreadsheet required too much information to enter.
– The calculations were very difficult to figure out.
– Many fields did not have any validation for the Date and Name columns.

Grocery Alerts Coupon Tracker

This one comes from our blog, Grocery Alerts: Grocery Coupon Savings Tracker. We wanted to create an easy tool to just record coupon savings. It records the date, store, and savings.

Many popular Canadian and American stores are already included in the savings tracker. It allows you to just type in a few letters before the entire store is displayed (i.e. typing “Wal” shows Walgreens and Walmart in the list).

Finally, it gives avid coupon users the ability to export their results to their Facebook Wall, Excel, or their blog.

This was my experience:
– Can be used from a mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone).
– Can export the savings report to a spreadsheet, blog, or Facebook Wall.
– Easy to use interface.
– Does not let you store comments about your purchase.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

This one comes from the blog, Coupon Project: Grocery Savings Spreadsheet from Coupononing 101.

They did a great job with this spreadsheet. It is really easy to use.

This was my experience:
– The worksheets were very well organized.
– Great summaries available for each month.
– All of the formulas were already calculated and easy to understand.
– A recent version of Microsoft Excel is required.

Living on the beautiful west coast comes at a high cost. My husband and I decided to start couponing more because we saw a dramatic decrease in all of our spending from when we first started.

Instead of spending $30 on a top, I might look for a sale and try to use a coupon or other discount. Tracking spending and savings shows the effect of successful couponing.

We are passionate about coupons because coupons offer us another form of income that we don’t need to work hard for. It gives us more freedom to spend money on things we enjoy.

My advice is to pick whatever method is easiest for you to use.

Some of the applications are more advanced and some have less fields to enter and use. You decide what would work best for your needs.

How do you track your coupon savings?

Lina Zussino is the Co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada, home of grocery deals and grocery coupons. She enjoys teaching group fitness, cooking, and saving money in beautiful Victoria, BC with her husband Steven and daughter.

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  1. 050937k2 says:

    I use excel – I track everything I spend in a categories with the goal beside it for each month. At the end of the month, I put all the data in one sheet and update my pivot table. Pivot Tables show an amazing amount of data and you can zero in one category, totals, overages etc.

  2. Kevin says:

    Great minds think alike, before I opened your email this morning I was going to ask is it only me that tracks their coupon use? Actually I just have a big empty water I fill with my savings after I complete my shopping. I total the coupon amount and anything that was on sale without a coupon and drop in that amount. I start from Dec 15th to the following dec 15th. On average usually end up with approx. $500 to $1500 a year. Which I use for christmas dinner, decorations etc… including one year I had enough to visit my late Aunt and Uncle in Victoria B.C. for the Christmas and New Years holidays and treated them to a couple dinners out.

  3. Karyn says:

    I opened a separate (free) savings account to which I transfer my savings every time after I go shopping. At the end of the year, it is nice to have that extra money, along with see how much we saved that year.

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