Walmart Canada Coupon Policy

Walmart Canada Coupon Policy

Here is the Walmart Canada coupon policy:

The following represents guidelines shared with our stores to facilitate coupon handling.

  • Coupon is accepted only if store carries the item
  • Must be presented at the time of purchase
  • Only Canadian coupons are accepted
  • The item purchased must match the item presented on the coupon. (identical in size, quantity, brand, style, flavour, color and /
  • or any other specs used to identify the product on the coupon)
  • Expiration date must be present & be redeemed prior to the expiration

Print-at-home internet coupons:

  • Must be legible
  • Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
  • Have have a valid name & Canadian remit address
  • Must have a valid expiration date
  • Must have a scannable bar code
  • Can be buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons
  • Are acceptable in black, white or color

Manufacturer’s coupons

  • Dollar/cents off
  • Free items
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • Has “Manufacturer Coupon” printed
  • Must have valid name
  • Must have valid expiration date
  • Must have a scannable bar code

Competitors coupons qualify if:

  • Issued by a Canadian competitor
  • For a specific item for a specified price i.e. $2.99
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
  • They have a valid expiration date
  • Are acceptable in black, white or color

# of coupons that can be used for each item:

  • Only one acceptable coupon may be presented for each purchased item within a transaction
  • Store managers reserve the right to limit quantities where multiple coupons are being used for multiple purchases of the same item

When coupon value exceeds the price of the item:

The excess amount can be given as cash or can be applied toward the basket purchase , at the customer’s choice

Free merchandise with a coupon (BOGO/B1G1):

No sales tax is applied on the free merchandise

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just wanted to give a heads up as my local wallmart edmonton on 127st
    They Only take one online coupon per transaction and won’t take a competitors coupon
    If the actual price is not on it. I have never heard of a coupon with the actual price just what is off.
    Called the district manager and head office as something needs to be done about this.

  2. Coral Williams says:

    Can you post the link where you got this info. I went to a walmart I never couponed before and the guy (nice guy just wasnt informed) didnt know what to do if the product was less than the coupon. He got the correct answer and my mom was owed $2.05 after her other items. I went to put my stuff through and they informed me they dont give credit or cash back ‘Thats not Walmart Canadas Policy’ said the manager who ended up coming over seeing coupons. I nicely told her it was and every other single walmart does that. She said “No, they don’t. I cant even over ride that” She called me a liar in front of other customers and cashiers and I am not impressed. I also realized my mom wasn’t given her overage.I asked for my coupons back and left the stuff. I was in a hurry so I couldn’t wait to speak to the manager. I called in the car, waited for over 10 minutes with the manager getting paged twice. Third time the girl got on the line I asked to leave my info for a call back. I would like to print off the actual coupon policy for the manager when I go there.

  3. MIchelle Mackenzie says:

    I am wondering if you could provide the link where you obtained the information as well. I have looked on the Canadian website and could not find this information (it does look very similar to Target Canada’s coupon policy though).

    I also emailed Walmart Canada head office, but never received a response.


  4. janice says:

    What is walmart canadas policy on returns on items with coupons?
    I purchased 3 coffee makers with 3 $10 of coupons, i saw the same coffee makers on sale the next week.
    Went to customer service to adjust the price and they refused because i used coupons.
    They said they could not process returns on items with coupons and sale it back to me at the lower price.
    Does this make sense?
    I tried calling the 1800 number it ust goes to a voicemail now, no call back.
    I emailed them they told me to ask the store manager.
    Can anyone get me a copy of the return with coupon policy.
    Thank you.

    • Cassie Howard says:

      In that case, they would refund your money, including the coupons you used, and then you would re-buy the item at the cheaper price.

      • Char says:

        If they had already processed and sent those coupons away, it would be impossible to cancel the transaction, and refund money and coupons. I think items purchased with coupons are final sale for this reason.

  5. mariam says:

    I had a problem at the walmart on baseline/clyde. When i called to complain today, the customer service rep told me that canada doesnt have a coupon policy and that we cant use a coupon on a price match item…

  6. Alicia says:

    I would also like the link to bookmark on my phone, please. I had two printed coupons from the other day & they only allowed me to use one, and they didn’t even want to do that! I did looked online, but the only Walmart coupon policy I can find is for the States.


  7. Laura Kathleen says:

    I bought a vileda mop at Walmart in Peterborough today. I had the manufacturer’s coupon that comes in the newspaper of manufacturers coupons.

    Cashier was a pita, looked at it for at least 5 min.. Then told me it was invalid as it is payable by the retailer to El paso,TX.

    I got it in a Canadian sheef of flyers though.. I rarely use coupons, but I’m kind of teed as it expired today..

  8. Char says:

    The wal-marts in London, Ontario will allow price match + coupon, overage applied to basket, and the coupons for any variety of a brand when listed in the text. For those having issues with stores in their hometowns, contact the Canadian Wal-Mart corporate office, and, if necessary, the American one. The policy on the Canadian site lists that they do all of these things. Its a lack of education on the company’s policies, and needs to be corrected. Ive never been hassled at a Wal-mart, and I use a lot of coupons and price matching.

  9. Elaine says:

    Just got off the phone-literally- with Walmart customer service to check about coupon policy. Officially they do not have a coupon policy- they are working on getting one. They have “guidelines” that are listed above as coupon policy but it is up to each individual store manager to decide what they will accept at their store. Even two store in the same city could be different. I would suggest finding the Walmart store nearest you that accepts all the guidelines. My local store honours all the guidelines above. Another thing to do is tell the cashier you will be using coupons and when do they want the coupons presented. I have different cashiers who want the coupon when the item is being scanned and others who want to wait till the end – its best not to piss off the cashiers so ask first.

  10. Melissa says:

    So, are you able to price match and then use a printable coupon?
    Also, if you are buying multiples of the same item can you use one coupon for each of the same item?

  11. erin says:

    i live inn smith falls Ont. I been getting my max value for over three years know, I went in last week and said they no longer give max ammount. They said the manager make`s the final decison on the matter. They said no ! What my problem is they outcasted me and all there friend`s still get this. I have complained to my store and walmart canada and no help. I`m livid why just because I`m not in there group. Any help would be great. erin

  12. Ash says:

    Im sorry, but it was my fault Walmarts coupon policy got changed.. It was me in 2011 that went to all the Walmarts in the Vancouver Area to cash in my Nature Valley Bar Box coupons for Free Oasis Juice Max Value $3.98! I cashed in about 1200 of them at various stores before they limited 5 coupons per transaction. and now 1. Im very sorry but I walked out of 18 different Walmarts with a Pallet of 1L oasis juices and $500 cash all in about 4 days. After I got a personal call from Walmart Corporate asking me I was banned from all the stores across Canada, but they said they couldnt collect the money for the coupons because the company didnt allow them to give the overage, but was supposed to write in the actual value of the juice I took home.. either way i got our local food bank a shit ton of free Oasis Juice, but the $2.98 overage per coupon really pissed them off.. Sorry everyone.. I did it.. I quit couponing after that because Its now so hard to navigate an overage or even a zero balance..

  13. BJ says:

    I had an experience with this. My coupon for $1.00 off Crest toothpaste didn’t get accepted because it actually said, not applicable on “Cavity Protection” toothpaste which is the regular one. I could’ve had it for free, ugh.

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