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  • Checkout 51: Is it a Scam or a Legitimate Way to Earn Cash Back on Groceries?

  • Checkout 51 Rebates

    Many people have been asking me if Checkout 51 is a scam and I’m here to put your mind at ease. It’s not a scam.

    You may or may not have heard about Checkout 51 by now. If you haven’t, let me explain what it’s all about:

    Checkout 51 is a Canadian rebate/cash-back mobile app where you earn money back from your grocery purchases. It’s the same thing as mail-in rebates, except that you don’t actually have to mail anything in. Instead, you simply take a photo of your receipt that shows you purchased the item(s) available for cash back and upload it through the app.

    Now, you may be thinking: “this sounds way too good to be true”, but guess what – it’s true.

    Since they just recently came out with an iPhone app, many people have been asking me the following question: “is Checkout 51 a scam?”.

    Checkout 51 is NOT a scam. It’s a legitimate way to earn cash back on your grocery purchases. I have been using the program myself since it first launched, so I know this for a fact. Many MrsJanuary.com readers have also been using Checkout 51 since it launched and they will agree that it’s a great program. Many of them have received multiple cheques already (some have received more than $100 back!).

    Right now, only those with an iPhone or iPad can sign up to the program (it also works on any camera-enabled iPod Touch). They are working on making it available on other phones, as well as for people who may not have a phone.

    You can read more about Checkout 51 right here.

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    Checkout 51: Is it a Scam or a Legitimate Way to Earn Cash Back on Groceries?

    1. A says:

      I have found checkout 51 to be a scam, they don’t approve all receipts even with clear uploads making it very hard to get to 20 dollars to cash out. Not worth the hassle in my option, go to save.ca or another coupon site and get them to mail you coupons for instant savings instead of wasting your time on checkout 51

      • Jacqueline says:

        I have only used Checkout 51 for 3 wks and am already over $10. I have submitted approx 5 receipts and never had a problem. My friend has over $27 and just requested her cheque.
        There was a problem with one of the receipts but it was my fault and they sent me an email telling me why it wasn’t processed (the date was wrong).
        Not only is it easier then carrying around coupons its better for the environment!!

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