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  • Dollarama: Great Deals on Hanes, Betty Crocker, Purina + More!

  • I went to Dollarama the other day and was amazed at the stuff they carry now. Tons of name brand items for much less than you would pay somewhere else!

    Here are some deals that I found:

    Hanes Ladies Underwear, 7 Pack @ $3
    Hanes Ladies

    Purina Beggin’ Strips @ $1.50
    Purina Strips

    Fisher-Price Baby Toys @ $1.50-$2
    Fisher Price Toys

    Huggies Wipes @ $2

    Betty Crocker Cake Mix @ $1.50
    Betty Crocker Cake

    Find a Dollarama Canada location near you.

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    Dollarama: Great Deals on Hanes, Betty Crocker, Purina + More!

    1. Poor Fat Chick says:

      I watched a report on food/make up/pet food etc at discount dollar store.. as well as checking the expiry date check where they are from. A lot of stuff like that is imported, particularly from Asia and something the ingredients may not be what you want.

      I don’t buy make up there because of my sensitive skin however i have bought food there and haven’t had a problem.

      I use dollarama now for craft stuff, decorations and kitchen stuff.. i do love dollarama

    2. Sicorra says:

      We have recently had a number of new Dollarama stores open in our city. I love buying body wash there for the the shower. A bottle is a dollar and the same size bottle next door at WalMart is $8. The only thing that we have purchased food wise are potato chips and the odd chocolate bar. All expiry dates were fine, just like anywhere else.

      We recently discovered LW – Liquidation World as well. They had a ton of cool cheap stuff, including grocery staple items. Anyone else been there?

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