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  1. loma says:

    i love gymboree

  2. lynn bones says:

    How can I shop Gymboree Canada online???? Even when I click on shop Canada on line it takes me to the U.S. site?? Very frustrating! Thank you!

  3. rose pilotti says:

    Be aware the Gymboree stores charge 13% sales tax on children’s clothing and shoes.It should only be 5%.Total rip-off.

    Copy this and take it with you everywhere.


  4. Dianne Biggs says:

    After spending some time choosing items to purchase from Canada to be shipped within /canada upon check out I kept getting US shipping as my only means of shipping…thought this was a Canadian site I was on.

  5. Sheryl says:

    Gymboree.ca DOES NOT EXIST – it automatically links to Gymboree.com. WITHOUT alerting the buyer to what has happened. Canadian buyers are subject to Duties, which more than cancels any discounts offered. The Gymboree Bucks that come with the receipt CANNOT be used in Canada, although the Cdn stores run a parallel campaign. They have officially lost me as a customer! I tried this today and there were 4 customers in front of me whose Bucks were turned away. Terrible online retailing practice. The Cdn store simply said that they DO NOT honor any Gymboree online or American marketing, despite that online marketing combines the descriptions of US and Cdn stores. They are separate and we are effectively penalized for being Cdn consumers. Don’t buy here.

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