Baby/Toddler Freebies For Canadians

Free Baby Samples Canada

Baby Freebies

Are you pregnant? Have a baby? If so, I’ve got some great news – you’re entitled to FREE stuff! Yep, just for having a baby. Aren’t kids great?

There are lots of free baby samples available for you to order. Companies are dying to get you to try their baby products, so they send out free samples to pregnant mom’s and new parents all the time.

Here’s a list of the best baby freebies for Canadians.

Johnson & Johnson

Freebie: One coupon for a free trial “take along” kit, complete with baby lotion and baby wash.
Get this freebie: Call 1-800-361-8068 or Email

Babies/Toys R Us

Freebie: One sample package, including: 1 Huggies newborn diaper, small package of Huggies wipes, 1 rash cream sample, Johnson & Johnson baby wash sample, Playtex drop-ins bottle, nursing pads, Lanolin sample, Nuk pacifier, 2 baby spoons, diaper coupons, baby wash cloth.
Get this freebie: Create a baby registry in store.

Heinz Baby Club

Freebie: Baby cereal, growth chart, coupons.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Similac Baby Club

Freebie: Similac Mom sample, Similac infant formula, cheques/coupons every so often for $3-$5 each.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Enfamil Baby Club

Freebie: Coupons, formula sample, coupon for FREE pack of ready-to-feed formula.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Nestle Baby Club

Freebie: Infant formula sample, backpack, coupons, change pad, small Nuk bottle, small bag of Huggies diapers for newborns (samples may vary).
Get this freebie: Join the club.


Freebie: Baby spoon, baby cereal, coupons.
Get this freebie: Call 1-866-335-9080 and ask for promotional package.

Save On Foods

Freebie: Various coupons emailed to members that have joined the More Rewards program.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.


Freebie: Playtex drop-ins bottle, newborn Huggies diaper, Zincofax diaper rash cream sample, coupons.
Get this freebie: Create baby registry & join “waiting club” in store.


Freebie: Nipple cream sample, 5 cloth wipes, 2 breast milk storage bags, 2 disposable nursing pads.
Get this freebie: Email and tell them you plan to breastfeed. Ask for samples.


Freebie: Hydrasense samples, bath toy, coupons.
Get this freebie: Join the club.

Pampers Gifts to Grow

Freebie: Collect PINS from diaper/wipe packages and redeem for great prizes. We also have a list of free Pampers Gifts to Grow pins.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride

Freebie: Collect PINS from diaper/wipe packages and redeem for great prizes.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Enfamil Enfagrow

Freebie: Toddler drink.
Get this freebie: Order here.

Shoppers V.I.B

Freebie: Bib, Huggies diaper, Huggies sample pack wipes, Heinz baby food sample, Aveeno baby wash, Optimum coupons for baby products.
Get this freebie: Sign up here.

Sobeys Baby Club

Freebie: Prenatal vitamins for 2 years (must pick up monthly), pharmacy consultation, welcome kit, baby coupons.
Get this freebie: Sign up at your local Sobeys pharmacy.

Thrifty Foods

Freebie: 8×12 Birthday cake for your child’s first birthday.
Get this freebie: Visit your local Thrifty Foods.

It’s always nice to receive free samples in the mail. Especially when they are for products that are expensive to purchase in the stores (like diapers and formula). Thankfully, there are many companies that are willing to send samples to expecting parents. It’s a great way to test out their products before you actually buy a full size version.

I hope that this list of free baby samples for Canadians has helped you. I made sure to only include companies that I personally have received samples from. There are many baby freebies available, but I warn you to be cautious about the ones you sign up for, as there are many scams out there.

The baby freebies above are freebies that are legitimate and have been received not just by myself, but by many others.


If you have signed up for baby/toddler freebies before, please let us know what you received!


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  1. sherri jolicoeur says:

    I would love some free stuff for my twins that r being born in july

  2. Beverly says:

    Happy Grandmother tobe and trying to put some sample together for the kids to see what the like. so we know what to Buy for them.

  3. Cat Carter says:

    When I signed up at Sears, the floor rep handed me my reusable shopping bag once we were done (I wasn’t expecting anything so was very pleased) she apologetically said “this is all we give out now” and seemed quite embarrassed. All that was in it was a flyer to purchase RESPs, a coupon for a free makeup consultation (which is free anyway) and a coupon for 50% off the photo studio, that had expired in September. I was in the store on Jan 15. Good thing I wasn’t expecting anything when I went in!

  4. Nikolina says:

    I went to Sears to register for the baby registry and all I got was bunch of papers and magazines. No samples, coupons :(.And I saw some people even got a $25 gift card. So Disapointed

  5. Rose says:

    I registered at Sears in store last week. Same, didn’t receive free package. I was given a folder with some papers in one of their Christmas gift bags. I asked about the package, and the rep said we only give out what we have from the manufacturers. At the moment, they had none. Babies R Us didn’t have a package in stock but did say to drop by later and will give me one.

  6. sara says:

    Does any one know if the toys r us has a baby registry or just the baby r us/toys r us. We are getting a toys r us in the town I live in and I’m not sure if they sell baby items as well or not.


    • Ashlyn says:

      yes they do sell baby stuff in toys r us. they have one side for toys and the other side for babys

  7. Ashlyn says:

    I’m a new mom of a baby girl i sent away for everything. i got everything sent to me that i sent away for this is great. it really helped me out alot i told my friends about this they were shock

  8. Sunshine says:

    these sites were great above, thank you. The two links below I was provided by my prenatal worker. – if you pick out anything under 50$ its free with the promo code PJBABY or they offer that you can do an upgrade to their full canopy and seat for 29$. All you pay is the shipping and handling – for a breast feeding sling , type in code SEVEN and you only pay the shipping

  9. Jaime-Lynn says:

    Thank you for putting this all in one place. I learned of your site from Good Food For Healthy Babies in Carleton Place. A Connections program.

  10. britney says:

    When you go onto j&j, go to the contact us, and fill in your information and in the comment section put requesting newborn baby trial kit, and they will send you a coupon

  11. Deanna says:

    Theres a few different sites. helps alot too!
    I can’t seem to figure out how to get J&J, and other sites listed here to work(besides similac, enfamil, nestle), if someone could help me out that would be great! New mom as of this month!

  12. Olivia says:

    Welcome Wagon is an organization that has been around for ages. They provide a free service be it a new move,a baby, wedding, etc. When I moved years ago, they dropped by my house with a basket full of various coupons for provincial parks, city maps, library info, etc. I know they put together free baby showers ( shows) where you receive various free products from the various vendors in a bag.Very nice items for baby and mom. Same with free bridal shows.
    You could look up your yellow pages ( online?) and contact them to find out the next show’s date. I hope this helps you.

    Cassie, did your realtor contact them for you on your recent move?

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