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  • Canada Pepsi Mail In Rebate – Spend $20, Receive a $20 Coupon Booklet

  • Pepsi Mail In Rebate for $20 in Coupons!

    Canada Mail In Rebate B20R20 in Coupons Jan2013

    Purchase $20 of the following products and receive a $20 coupon booklet with this new mail in rebate from Pepsi.

    Qualifying products include:

    • Lay’s potato chips
    • Doritos tortilla chips
    • Tostitos tortilla chips
    • Ruffles potato chips
    • Tostitos or Ruffles salsa/dips
    • Pepsi
    • Mountain Dew
    • Mug
    • 7UP
    • Dr Pepper
    • Crush
    • Schweppes soft drinks
    • Brisk beverages
    • Gatorade and G2 beverages

    You must include the official mail in rebate coupon and original sale’s receipt with the purchase price of each participating product circled. All products must be purchased in the same transaction between December 23, 2012 – February 18, 2013 in order to be eligible for the offer.

    Rebate must be postmarked by Feburary 28, 2013.

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    8 Responses to »
    Canada Pepsi Mail In Rebate – Spend $20, Receive a $20 Coupon Booklet

    1. Kimberlee Pitts says:

      I had seen an ad for this but forgot what I had to buy. I went ahead and just bought what I had planned to. As it turns out I had exactly what I needed to qualify for the rebate. Awesome!!

    2. nikki says:

      does anyone know if diet qualifies

    3. Paul says:

      I was trying to figure out who the participating retailer were so I emailed them and this is the response I received.

      Pepsico Rebates via 800onemail.com
      8:07 AM (1 hour ago)

      to Paul
      Hello Paul,

      If the retailer has the products on the shelf, they are a participating retailer.

      Customer Service Representative

    4. Jennifer says:

      $20 is a 1/4 of my grocery bill…no thanks! I’m not spending $20 on junk! If you could do it in seperate transactions, that would be fine, but not all at once!

    5. aaron chase says:

      too much work

    6. Sparkles says:

      Wish they would tell us what the coupons are

      • Stephanie says:

        If it’s anything like last year, they will be free product coupons for things like Pepsi, Smartfood, and other new products from the company.

    7. Kris says:

      Glad they are doing this again this year! Thanks for posting.

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