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  • Lots of FREE Samples from SampleSource.ca

  • Lots of FREE Samples from SampleSource.ca

    Sample Source is offering FREE samples again!

    Samples may vary. Here are the samples I was able to order:
    - Schick Hydro Razor
    - Quaker Harvest Crunch Bars
    - Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
    - Sunlight Dishwasher Pacs
    - John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner
    - Jergens Moisturizer
    - Sensodyne Toothbrush

    Click here to order your FREE samples.

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    30 Responses to »
    Lots of FREE Samples from SampleSource.ca

    1. Georges Picard says:

      Just great!

    2. terri says:

      it real hard to find any good place to get samples… if anyone know of a good place please let me know :)

    3. terri says:

      its a pain i get no emails and its keeps saying my pass word is wrong grrrrr

    4. Cassie says:

      robin: The samples are all gone now.

    5. robin says:

      I am unable to send for these samples,I have been trying and trying but it always says they are out of samples,what shall we all do?

    6. Sheena says:

      I just put through my request and was able to get them. They were out of Jergens Moisturizer and Scrubbing Bubbles though.

    7. Debbie says:

      Now the site says it’s out of samples. :-(

    8. ginette says:

      i have been trying to get these samples for 3 days now and i am still unable to get through

    9. nathalie says:

      Saw this advertized yesterday on facebook through various coupons saver sources posting it and it’s been down for me from the get-go. Wonder what’s going on with them?

    10. Terra says:

      I’ve received samples from them before, so I’ve already been registered. Problem is, I didn’t receive an email saying samples are available when the company said they would! :( I just went to check out site because I knew samples should be available soon and now website is down.

    11. Helen W says:

      The registration process which included a survey went fine, then I immediately got the screen to come back later. Call me cynical but I wonder if the survey was not answered in the “right way” ie you are not in their target market, they will shut you down.

    12. Anna says:

      My friends and I have all registered with them but none of us can ever login to request samples. We all keep getting the “…maintenance…” message. I know it’s all free but come on I hope SampleSource.ca get their act together it has been like this for a couple of days now. Free or not this is a fail so far.

    13. Patricia says:

      I had previously signed up with them and they sent me an e-mail telling me of the free samples but when I tried the link they gave me, it said site was down for maintenance and even the “contact” customer service – they had removed that link……………I was so frustrated from trying from before 7 a.m. right thru till after 11 p.m………….and when their site is up and running again, I am going to complain to them, for sure………….

    14. sandra macneil says:

      Having trouble with this site & have been trying all day/ also why have hidden Portals as I never seem to be able to receive!!:(

    15. Angela says:

      This seems silly. Thousands of people sign onto other sites at a time, and they don’t have problems. I’ve been trying to sign onto this site for two days, and it either sends me back to sign up, says the site is down at t eh moment or like now, says “This web page is not available”. I truly believe this is some kind of scam. Real give-away sites know there are going to be thousands of people flocking to their site and would be prepared for something like this. And I believe after two or three days of this, the amount of people trying have probably been cut in half cause they have given up, yet, the site still doesn’t work. Just seems to be a big waste of time.

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