Lots Of FREE Samples From SampleSource.ca

Sample Source is offering FREE samples again!

Samples may vary. Here are the samples I was able to order:
– Schick Hydro Razor
– Quaker Harvest Crunch Bars
– Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
– Sunlight Dishwasher Pacs
– John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner
– Jergens Moisturizer
– Sensodyne Toothbrush

Click here to order your FREE samples.

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  1. sandra macneil says:

    Having trouble with this site & have been trying all day/ also why have hidden Portals as I never seem to be able to receive!!:(

  2. Patricia says:

    I had previously signed up with them and they sent me an e-mail telling me of the free samples but when I tried the link they gave me, it said site was down for maintenance and even the “contact” customer service – they had removed that link……………I was so frustrated from trying from before 7 a.m. right thru till after 11 p.m………….and when their site is up and running again, I am going to complain to them, for sure………….

  3. Anna says:

    My friends and I have all registered with them but none of us can ever login to request samples. We all keep getting the “…maintenance…” message. I know it’s all free but come on I hope SampleSource.ca get their act together it has been like this for a couple of days now. Free or not this is a fail so far.

  4. Helen W says:

    The registration process which included a survey went fine, then I immediately got the screen to come back later. Call me cynical but I wonder if the survey was not answered in the “right way” ie you are not in their target market, they will shut you down.

  5. Terra says:

    I’ve received samples from them before, so I’ve already been registered. Problem is, I didn’t receive an email saying samples are available when the company said they would! 🙁 I just went to check out site because I knew samples should be available soon and now website is down.

  6. nathalie says:

    Saw this advertized yesterday on facebook through various coupons saver sources posting it and it’s been down for me from the get-go. Wonder what’s going on with them?

  7. ginette says:

    i have been trying to get these samples for 3 days now and i am still unable to get through

  8. Debbie says:

    Now the site says it’s out of samples. 🙁

  9. Sheena says:

    I just put through my request and was able to get them. They were out of Jergens Moisturizer and Scrubbing Bubbles though.

  10. robin says:

    I am unable to send for these samples,I have been trying and trying but it always says they are out of samples,what shall we all do?

  11. Cassie says:

    robin: The samples are all gone now.

  12. terri says:

    its a pain i get no emails and its keeps saying my pass word is wrong grrrrr

  13. terri says:

    it real hard to find any good place to get samples… if anyone know of a good place please let me know 🙂

  14. Georges Picard says:

    Just great!

  15. i received confirmation that i secured 17 samples, even received an email that it had been shipped on the 16th april 2014… then an email asking for feedback that I received on the 20th may…. interesting…. no samples ever showed in the mailbox! Am I the only one who has NOT received samples after all the confirmation emails… surely not… so not happy….

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