Loblaws, Zehrs & Your Independent Grocer – Free Glade Wax Melts Warmer

Sale on Glade Wax Melts.

Glade Warmer Sale August2013

Loblaws, Zehrs and Your Independent Grocery are selling Glade Wax Melts Electric Warmer for $6.99 this week.

Combine this sale with the $6 off save.ca coupon and the $1 rebate from checkout 51 and this item is FREE!

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  1. Debra says:

    You will have to pay the sales tax on the $6.99….which is only $0.91. Can’t beat that!! Grt Cdn Superstore had them on this past week for $6.97…I bought 2 with the coupons, and the total came to $3.75, then Checkout 51 had the $3 rebate for 2 items, so I ended up paying a total of $0.75 for two. 🙂

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