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  • Target Canada – First 3 Stores Open Tomorrow

  • Target Stores in Canada.

    Target Canada Stores

    The very first Target locations in Canada will be opening tomorrow, March 5, 2013!

    • Guelph, Ontario (175 Stone Road West)
    • Milton, Ontario (55 Ontario Street South)
    • Fergus, Ontario (900 Tower Street South)

    Will you be heading out to see what Target Canada has in store?

    Thanks, Aleasha!

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    Target Canada – First 3 Stores Open Tomorrow

    1. Sandy says:

      Just came back from the Milton Target and boy what a disappointment. Many empty shelves & no deals on things I was interested in. I noticed going into the store that people leaving had very small purchases if any. This store was not ready to open and they should have stocked it up before opening the doors. Sorry Target, but I think I’ll stick with Walmart.

    2. Natalie says:

      Went to the Milton Target store. The prices seem the same as Walmart and the goods are targeting families with young children. The food selection was interesting as there are items I’ve never seen before and Target brand foods but prices are nothing to shout about. It is certainly smaller in size than the ones in the States. I won’t be rushing over to Target anytime soon.

    3. Linda says:

      I won’t be trying out those stores, but I will when one comes to our town. I hope their hours start early like the Wal-mart.

    4. Katy says:

      I’ve been working at a Target for 2 months setting up and they are quite similar to the American ones. Good product variety and some prices are just like the states!

    5. Gena says:

      Yeah! Mrs. January, do you have their coupon policy? I wonder if they will price match, etc?

    6. Debbie Cooper says:

      shipping is too much it is light. I deal with shipping Avon all the time. This too high. I love them. But not for $24 .

    7. Heather says:

      interested to see how similar they are to the Target stores in the states. Our Wal-Mart does not even compare to the states so it will be interesting to see if Target skimps out on product variety also.

      • sally says:

        Sadly, the Canadian government put restrictions on the number of Canadian products that MUST be sold at Target Canada. If they are not to your liking, make sure you use your power as a good Canadian consumer, and let them know what you like and what they need to change.

        That’s the beauty of having the 3 pilot stores open tomorrow. We can check them out.

    8. Cindy says:

      Maybe not tomorrow but since I live in Milton maybe one day this week.

    9. Kris says:

      I’m an hour away from Ottawa, and the Ottawa stores are part of the 3rd wave of openings I believe. Still have to wait a long time. :(

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