No Frills Deals – Moncton, NB (64% Savings)

No Frills New Brunswick.

No Frills Moncton 2013

Here are Rebecca’s extreme couponing deals at No Frills in Moncton, New Brunswick. She really scored big by shopping at the dollar sale at No Frills!

She got lots of free stuff, and also saved an average of 50% off of the rest of her groceries. This couponing trip was a big success!

16x Oral-B Manual Toothbrushes @ $1 = $16 – 16 X $1 coupons from tear pads = FREE! (saved = approx. $31.68)
3x Crispers 200g Cracker Chips @ $1 = $3 (saved = approx. $6)
7x Knorr Sidekicks @ $1 = $7 – 1x $1 WUB3 coupon from tear pads = $6 (saved = approx. $8)
2x Chocolate Milk to Go @ $1 = $2 – 2 X 0.75 coupons from tear pads = $0.50 (saved = approx. $3.50)
1x Neilson Strawberry Milk @ $1 (saved = approx. $1)
2x No Name Buttermilk Pancakes @ $1 = $2 (saved = approx. $2)
1x Duncan Hines Cake Mix @ $1 (saved = approx. $2)
2x Duncan Hines Frosting @ $1 = $2 (saved = approx. $4)
2x 500mL Premium Chapmans Ice Cream @ $1 = $2 – $5 Chapman’s mail-out coupon = FREE! (saved = approx. $6)
3x Sports Chapman’s Popsicle Boxes @ $1 = $3 – above $5 Chapman’s mail-out coupon = FREE! (saved = approx. $9)
1x 2L Coke @ $1 (saved = approx. $1)
1x Crispy Minis @ $1 (saved = approx. $2)
2x Danone 4 Pack Yogurt @ $1 = $2 – 2 X $0.50 coupons from tear pads = $1 (saved = approx. $1)
3x Large Diced Unico Tomato Cans @ $1 = $3 – $0.50 rebate from Checkout 51 = $2.50 (saved = approx. $1.25)
1x Flavoured Kraft Peanut Butter @ $3 (saved = approx. $1)
1x Black Diamond Cheese Slices (with coupons inside) @ $2.97 (saved = approx. $2)
1x No Name Chicken Broth @ $1 (saved = approx. $2)
2x Seasoning Packs @ $1 = $2 (saved = approx. $1)
1x No Name Frozen Green Peas @ $2
3x Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, 950mL @ $1 = $3 (saved = approx. $3)
1x Quaker Rice Cakes @ $1 (saved = approx. $1)
1x Unico Kidney Beans @ $1 – $0.50 rebate from Checkout 51 = $0.50 (saved = approx. $0.75)
1x Uncle Ben’s Rice @ $1 (saved = approx. $1)
1x Wheat Thins @ $2 – $0.50 coupon from tear pads = $1.50 (saved = $0.50)
4x Maple Leaf Natural Selections Single Serve Meat @ $1 = $4 (saved = approx. $4)
4x Cooked Smoked Sausage Coils @ $1 = $4
1x Stir Fry Meat Package @ $6.48
3x Dole Salad @ $1 = $3
2x Farmers Market Baby Carrots, 340g @ $1
1x Red Onions @ $2.98
1x Green Peppers @ $1.09
1x Tomatoes @ $1.06
14x Olay Bar Soap @ $1 = $14 – 7 save $2 WUB 2 Olay products= FREE! (saved = approx. $28)
Tax @ $5.33

Total value of products = $192.87
Total paid out of pocket = $70.19
Savings of 64%

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  1. Carly says:

    My No Frills will only accept one coupon per person, PER DAY!!

    • Olivia says:

      Carly, that is SO RIDICULOUS of them. For fun, you could checkout at different lanes in one trip. They would not know the difference. Luckily, we have options….price match at other stores instead.

    • Angela says:

      Wow…will remember that. I guess I will have to always remember to check with the store I am at before I start my shopping.

  2. jason says:

    plan on going there now!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kris says:

    The No Frills I went to yesterday told me there was a limit of 4 identical coupons per product, so I was only able to get 5 toothpastes (I had a Brandsaver coupon and they let me use 4 tear pad) and she let 5 coupons slide for the toothbruses. In total, I used $27 of coupons, so they didn’t have limits on total quantity of coupons.
    What’s strange is the last time they had the toothpaste and toothbrushes on for $1, they didn’t limit me at all. But I heard that a woman went in later that day and got 50 toothpastes (for free) so that may explain why the limit of 4.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I went to No Frills yesterday and ended up with 15 cans of Glade air refresher and only spent $5 on all of them. I felt sorry for our check out clerk it was her 3rd day working and the lines were long. She had no idea how to deal with a coupon and kept freaking out. I only used like 6 coupons so I shouldn’t feel to bad. I bribed the people behind me with coupons for some of there stuff so that they woulnd’t hate me that much. So many free products though. Love this sale.

    • Rebecca says:

      I always put my coupon item first, this allows the surpervisor to come in quick and easily to give necessary passwords.
      I also gave coupons to others I saw in the store, so I could have gotten more, but isn’t it better to share?

  5. Fantastic shopping trip! Great savings across the board!

    Very weird that each store seems to be implementing new rules in regards to the quantity of coupons they will accept? I’ve luckily never had any issues at our No Frills, but now I wonder what will happen next time I make the trip!

    Fingers crossed:)

    • Rebecca says:

      That was my first time at No frills as I usually PM at Walmart, but thought this sale was so good I had to check it out. They were so busy that I did not get to ask if they had limits on coupons, I just hoped it would go through. The cashier was so nice as was the supervisor who had to override the $10 limit.
      They were out of a lot of items, but restock during the week, so i am hoping to go back and get some of the deals I missed out on.

  6. Jenna says:

    Another tip that might work. If it is not on the shelf don’t hesitate to ask if they have more. I went in and was looking for toothpaste and there was none on the self. I asked a really nice stock guy and he went out back and got a whole box. He took out what I wanted and put it back in the back. He saw me in line like 10 min later and asked if i needed anymore jokingly.

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