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  • Real Canadian Superstore Deals – 91% Savings

  • Real Canadian Superstore PC Deal

    Yesterday I went to Real Canadian Superstore to take advantage of the great PC Points offers they had on this week, and I’m so happy with my deals.

    I think this new points program has a lot of potential. I’m excited about it!

    Real Canadian Superstore Deals

    2x Glade Candles, 3 Packs @ $8.97 each = $17.94 – B1G1 Free coupon from coupon insert = $8.97 – $15 Glade mail in rebate (form found in store) = +$6.03 (saved = $23.97)
    1x Ziploc Freezer Bags @ $2.47
    3x Ziploc Containers, 4-6 Packs @ $3 each (price matched No Frills) = $9 – $5 Ziploc mail in rebate (form found in store) – 2x $2 WUB2 print coupons = $2.47 (saved = approx. $12.81)
    2x Tropicana Juice, 2.63L @ $4.44 each (price matched Walmart) = $8.88 – 2x $1 rebates from CartSmart = $6.88 + earned 2,000 PC points each = 4,000 points (worth $4) = $2.88 (saved = approx. $9.10)
    1x Huggies Wipes, 800ct @ $18.97 + earned 5,000 PC points (worth $5) = $13.97 (saved = approx. $10)
    4x Buitoni Pizza @ $3.33 each (price matched Metro) = $13.32 – 2x $1 coupons from coupon insert = $11.32 + earned 5,000 points each = 20,000 points (worth $20) = +$8.68 (saved = approx. $32.64)
    Tax @ $6.29

    Total value of products = $119.42
    Total paid out of pocket = $10.63
    Savings of 91%

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    Real Canadian Superstore Deals - 91% Savings, 3.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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    17 Responses to »
    Real Canadian Superstore Deals – 91% Savings

    1. Dani says:

      Hi – I have a question about how the points work. I noticed this week that Tassimo pods have 2,000 bonus pts. If I redeem PC pts earned through my PC mastercard to purchase the pods, do I still get the bonus pts? I know from past purchases on my MC, that I only collect regular pts on the portion of my bill that was paid out-of-pocket.

    2. Ashley says:

      Wow this is impressive Cassie! I really thought PC Rewards kind of sucked, but this truly proves me wrong. I am definitely going to pay more attention to this program now, especially since there is a Loblaws less than 5 minutes from me and an RCSS across from my work.

    3. Tracy says:

      I’m with Cathrine, your only supposed to get the points with the first purchase, like the pizza’s 5000 pts not 20,000.00 if you but four. That what customer service told me when I signed up. Hmmmm.

      • BJ says:

        We actually tried redeeming the offers for PC Plus and you do get the points for each item if you buy them all in a single transaction. After that, you can’t redeem them anymore. We bought 2 Country Harvest bread and received 500 pts for each (1000pts). Then we bought two more but we didn’t get the points.

    4. Janet says:

      Hi MrsJ.
      I believe you have to spend $10 on Ziploc before tax to qualify for the $5 PC card.

    5. jamna says:

      Is the mir form for glade same as those for ziploc wherein You can just snap a picture of your receipt then e-mail it or it really has a form you need to fill-up? Coz I can’t find any form in my local rcss. Thanks!

    6. Aimee says:

      How is this PC Plus program viable? It seems waaaay to good to be true.

    7. Catherine says:

      When you bought more than one of a product, did you get points for each one? Because I checked my bill, and I didn’t??

    8. kris says:

      I really love the new pc plus program. I have earned so many points since it has started.

    9. Laura says:

      Do you still count it as savings even though the points are applied to your next purchase? Or can you use those points with your current transaction?

    10. Rome says:

      truly a skill, I have so much to learn..such a newbie

      • Heather says:

        Me too! and silly me didn’t even know the pc plus points was good at the Real Canadian Superstore. I’ve just been going to Loblaws. gla di know now!

    11. Ali P says:


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