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    Shoppers 2013 Deals

    I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to take advantage of the 20x points promotion today. Here are the things I picked up:

    4x Cheerios Cereal @ $3.33 x2, $3.34 x1, $3.49 x1 = $13.49 – 4x $2 coupons from Save.ca = $5.49 (saved = $19.67)
    2x Christie Crackers @ $1.77 each = $3.54
    2x Christie Cookies @ $1.77 each = $3.54 – 2x $1.50 (WUB Crackers + Cookies) rebate from Checkout 51 = $0.54 (saved = approx. $7.88)
    2x Life Brand Mouthwash @ $2.49 each = $4.98 – $1 SDM Personalized coupon (applies to multiple purchases, so $2 came off) = $2.98 (saved = approx. $5)
    2x Glade Solids @ $1.99 each = $3.98 – 2x $2 printable coupons = +$0.02 (saved = $4)
    2x Diet Pepsi, 12 Pack @ $3.30 each = $6.60 + 1,200 bonus points (SDM Personalized coupon) (saved = approx. $7.38)
    1x Neilson Milk, 4L @ $5.99
    1x Neilson Cottage Cheese @ $1.99 (saved = $1.80)
    1x Silk Soy Milk @ $3.99 (saved = approx. $1)
    Tax @ $2.31

    Total value of products = $85.09
    Total paid out of pocket = $38.36
    Savings of 55%

    Regular points earned = 560
    Product bonus points (Pepsi) = 1,200
    20x points earned = 10,070
    Grand total points earned = 11,830 (worth $25 on bonus redemption or $31 on mega redemption)

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    9 Responses to »
    Shoppers Drug Mart Deals – 55% Savings

    1. Linda says:

      Good deal on your shop, I would suggest to always check your flyers because Target has the Glad on sale for .89 cents, that would’ve saved you another $2.22 but you would have to go to Walmart to price match and use your coupons since Walmart will give you the full value of your coupons.

    2. Alexandria says:

      I was wondering how you get more than one save.ca coupon sent to you.. as you can only have one address linked to your account.. I already receive my save.ca coupons but would like more so I can save more as I have 4 ppl in my fam and 1 coupon sometimes just isn’t enough. Thanks :)

    3. Jen says:

      Where do you sign up for the SDM personalized coupons? I’m on their email list, as I always get notice about their other promotions, just no coupons :(

      • Cassie Howard says:

        If you sign up to their list, you should get them, but only if you shop there often, so they know what you regularly purchase.

    4. Jennifer says:

      Went to use that same pop points and they wouldnt let me did you have to do a seperate transaction

      • Susan says:

        You should be able to use the on a 20 times the points day, or any promo that the register gives you points. The cashier quite often says you can’t so I ask them to humour me and give it a try. You will get the points. I don’t think you can use them when you have a coupon for spend X get y points. At least that is my experience. The personalized email coupon are kind of a crap shoot…you never really know what’ will happen when you use them. I have had them give me $ off on several of the same item, or just one item. I have also been given $ off for similar. For example, bounty paper towel…received $ off when I used a coupon for LB paper towels…same happened with shampoo. You just have to be prepared for anything to happen.

    5. Aly says:

      Mrs. January,
      I am so excited to see these postings. I love seeing good examples of how to show. No doubt you probably had a coupon for the huggies as well?

    6. Linda M says:

      Thanks for the tips, did not realize you could use the personalized coupons with the 20x points. Will watch out for that in the future.

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