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  • Target Canada Shopping Deals – November 23, 2013

  • I went out to Target for some sale items last night. I’m still getting used to their price matching policy and using Target coupons, so in this transaction, I lost $7 in coupons. Not sure how, but after looking over my receipt, $7 in coupons is missing.

    Here’s what I came home with:

    Target Canada 2013 Deals November

    Target Canada Deals

    3x Tetley Tea, 72ct @ $2 each (price matched Freshco) = $6 (saved = approx. $6)
    1x Tetley Specialty Tea @ $2 (price matched Freshco) – $0.75 coupon from SampleSource = $1.25 (saved = approx. $2.75)
    1x Huggies Little Movers Diapers @ $13.99 – $2 rebate from SnapSaves, $2.50 manufacturer coupon and $2 Target coupon (from in-store booklet) = $7.49 (saved = $6.50)
    4x Glade Candles @ $2.99 each = $11.96 – 2x $6 WUB2 Glade candles Target coupon = FREE! (saved = approx. $15.96)
    1x Oasis Juice @ $2 (price matched No Frills) – $0.75 coupon from tear pads = $1.25 (saved = $2.24)
    3x Huggies Wipes (tried to price match No Frills $2, but it only worked for 1 tub) @ 1x $2, 2x $3.49 – 4x $1 Target print coupons = $5.98 (saved = $4.49)
    1x Throw Blanket @ $14.99 (was supposed to scan at $19, and then apply the $5 Target print coupon) (saved = approx. $5)
    2x Black Diamond Cheese, 500g @ $3.77 (price matched Real Canadian Superstore) = $7.54 – 2x $1 target receipt coupons – 2x $1 rebate from Checkout 51 = $3.54 (saved = $9.04)
    1x Queen-Size Blanket @ $29.99 – $5 Target print coupon = $24.99 (saved = $25)
    Tax @ $8.78

    Total value of products = $159.11
    Total paid out of pocket = $82.13
    Savings of 48%

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    18 Responses to »
    Target Canada Shopping Deals – November 23, 2013

    1. Kris says:

      Great deals!

    2. Navi says:

      Oh.. I didn’t know about there $5 off for Threshold throw blanket, I just purchased one today. Would they readjust my bill, if I produced it now??? Thanks

    3. Navi says:

      I always have trouble shopping at Target. I have to pay very close attention, there system really messes up. It happened twice that I have to tell them that the item is on sale and then clerk will manually enter sale price. So frustrating…….

    4. Jenna says:

      I have nothing but problems with Target since they got here. I had to do 4 transactions in 1 shopping trip just to get their own promotions,which was not stated in the flayer or anywhere else. I wasn’t even using any coupons. My target has hardly any stock as well. 3 things that were advertised they didn’t even have. Target will be my very last resort and only if it’s a good deal..I am a Walmart shopper 100%.

    5. jen says:

      they wouldnt let me use the 6.00 off candles said it was buy 2 for six not 6.00 off, and they didnt have cheese on sale was so dissappointed and i price matched my sidekicks and used 4 target coupons but they didnt all come off. It as my first time doing pm at target so i learned a few things

    6. Joanne Deconinck says:

      Does Checkout51 allow a rebate for more than one of the same item? e.g. 2 black diamond cheese.

    7. sally says:

      Great coupon used for the blanket.

      We got the sheet sets on clearance at Target and there was a coupon for that too.
      600 thread count sheet set for $29.99. That’s like US Black Friday pricing. LOL.
      Love Target’s clearance sales!

    8. Louise says:

      I have another Target stacking question. Clear shampoo was 3.79 on sale, I had a $3 off manufacturer coupon with a BOGO target coupon, the cashier was really reluctant to let me stack them but she did. Was that ok? She had no problem letting me PM the cheese, then stack a MF coupon with the target one (I don’t have a smart phone or tablet yet so no checkout 51 :( I also got the glade deal but reading Susan’s comment I think she is right, I am pretty sure it was $6 WUB2 not $6 off…and I can’t see it on their site now.

    9. Melanie says:

      I bet you you “lost” $6 for the candles. Same thing happened to me, she scanned the coupons and it looked like it went through but it did not issue a discount. The coupon is not for $6 off WUB 2 but rather you can purchase 2 candles for $6. It does not show up on the receipt because the candles are on sale for $2.99.

    10. Beth says:

      I’ve found that some of the Target printables do NOT scan. It looks like they do (pops up on the screen) but the total doesn’t reduce!?!?! I have since found my favourite cashier there who knows this and she manually enters all coupons rather than scan. The biggest culprit so far was the Glad coupon… and yes I waited 30+ minutes at the customer service desk while they tried to figure out how to give me back my $2… it was the principle of it! Plus I got a few $3 Target “Oops sorry we messed up” coupons for my next purchases :)

    11. Heather says:

      The last time I was at target some of my Target print coupons did not apply. The cashier supervisor explained to me that when it says 1 coupon per guest it means 1 target print coupon total per transaction, not per item.

      • susan says:

        You have to do multiple transactions in target if you have for example 3 of the same item and same coupons even if they are one per item. You can use 4 of the same Target coupons per person per day though. It has taken me a while to get my head around all their policies . But you have to watch really carefully at checkout cos the system messes up all the time.

    12. susan says:

      the Target $6 when you buy 2 Glade candles are really vague. At my store they read it as get any 2 Glade candles for $6 but you used it as get $6 off.Confusing

    13. sara says:

      awesome shopping. I love target and I love the fact that I can stack. did u ask the cashier why you can only pm one huggies wipe tub? sometimes their system act funny. Guest service would have issue a credit. It has happen to me before and has been corrected. Great shop btw.

    14. kristine says:

      You could also get Astro yogurt tubs for free at Target if you price match from Feshco then use a target $1 off coupon + $1 checkout 51 :)

    15. jamna says:

      Are the $2.99 glade candles regular target price? Thanks!

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