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Checkout 51 – The Ultimate Guide

Checkout 51 Guide

Get Cash Back with Checkout 51. Have you heard about Checkout 51? If not, here is a brief introduction to who they are and what they do: Checkout 51 lets you save on the brands you love. Get new offers weekly, buy from any store in Canada (excluding Quebec), snap a photo of the receipt »» [read more] ««

Avoid Buying These 9 Items At Costco

Avoid at Costco

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Costco. This year we actually upgraded to the executive membership because we shop there so often. Many people think Costco is for large families or business, but this is simply not true. There are many bargains at Costco that anyone can take advantage of! Although there »» [read more] ««

Stockpiling – What Do You Do With All Of That Stuff?!

What to do With Your Stockpile Items

When people see my stockpile, they either make a joke about me being ready for an apocalypse, or they ask me these famous words: What do you do with all of that stuff?! Or they do both. Stockpiling has allowed me to save money on groceries – that’s why I do it. As for what I do »» [read more] ««

17 Frugal & Fun Summer Activities

Frugal Summer Activities

Frugal & Fun Summer Activities. Here are some frugal & fun summer activities. Summer is a time when we all let loose and enjoy life a little bit more than usual. I don’t know what it is about summertime, but everyone is almost always in a good mood. I guess it’s all that vitamin D »» [read more] ««

SnapSaves – Everything You Need To Know

SnapSaves Rebates Tutorial

Have you heard about SnapSaves? It’s another awesome money-saving tool that you can download – very similar to Checkout 51. Today, I’d like to explain a bit about how SnapSaves works, and how you can use it to save money on your groceries each week. What is SnapSaves? SnapSaves is a program that gives you »» [read more] ««

9 Tips For Shopping For Used Furniture

Tips for Shopping for Used Furniture

It’s easy to buy used furniture, but there are certain ways to go about doing it that will get you the best quality furniture for the best possible price. It’s really not necessary to buy most furniture brand new anymore, since there are so many different sources for inexpensive used furniture. Here are some of »» [read more] ««

6 Creative Storage Solutions For Your Stockpile

Creative Stockpile Storage Solutions

Not all of us can have entire rooms or closets dedicated to our stockpile, so what do you do when you need to store everything that you’ve stockpiled? Because let’s face it – if you’re a couponer, you likely have a lot of stockpile goodies! It’s time to think outside the box. Stockpile organizing made »» [read more] ««

How To Have A Successful Yard Sale

Successful Yard Sale

Having A Successful Yard Sale. With yard sale season officially upon us, people have been setting up each and every Saturday morning in hopes of selling their stuff that they no longer need in their lives. When I shop at yard sales, I often wonder if they had planned this event for several weeks, if »» [read more] ««

Save Money By Redeeming Rain Checks

How to Redeem Rain Checks

When you head out to the store to snag a great deal that you saw advertised, only to be met with empty shelves, it can be a bit disappointing. Thankfully, though, many stores will issue rain checks for sale items that have sold out, so you can still get that deal – you just have »» [read more] ««

Things To Consider When Starting A Stockpile


Stockpiling is a fantastic way to save money. I have been stockpiling for over 4 years now and it has saved me from running to the store and paying full price for something on more than one occasion. Although it is nice to have an area in my home dedicated to my stockpiled items, there »» [read more] ««