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5 Traits Of Debt Conquerors

erase debt

Have you ever conquered a mountain of debt? Are you planning to pay down debt in the near future? Let’s look at the traits of those who tackle their debt successfully, »» [read more] ««

5 Things My Budget Taught Me

things budget taught

The other day I looked at a printed copy of my budget and I had a bit of an epiphany.  By allocating money into categories, I certainly organize my finances but I also reveal »» [read more] ««

8 Ways To Creatively Build An Emergency Fund


Financial experts recommend  creating an emergency fund to help during a crisis. Without an emergency fund, unexpected expenses can sabotage an entire budget. And we all know how easily unexpected expenses »» [read more] ««

5 Tips For Paying Cash For Big Purchases

Paying for Big Purchases

There has been a buzz lately celebrating people paying cash for big purchases. Paying with credit sure doesn’t make the news, revealing that paying cash is not the norm. Even though it is not a »» [read more] ««

Why We Love Living On A Budget

We Love Budgeting

Does it sound ridiculous to say I love living on a budget? Perhaps as crazy as saying,  “Why I adore counting calories” or something equally torturous? But having a budget that we »» [read more] ««

7 Ways To Save Money With Groupons

Ways to Save at Groupon

I love Groupon’s quirky advertising. Their whimsical phrases and hilarious descriptions make shopping there entertaining. And who could forget their clever unsubscribe feature that made the news. But I digress. One »» [read more] ««