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7 Healthy Popsicles To Beat The Heat

popsicles image

When my friend’s children were having trouble getting to know neighbourhood kids, she decided she would become the “Popsicle Mom.” Coming outside with a few frozen treats on a warm »» [read more] ««

10 Creative Activities Using Lego

Lego activities collage

Brilliant Lego marketers create “needs” in children unlike any other company. Children beg, “I need a new Lego set” or “I need a new Lego guy to complete my collection.” Before »» [read more] ««

7 Clever Ways To Garden In Small Spaces

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Whether we have acres of land or tiny balconies, empty spaces beg for a garden. With a bit of creativity, gardens in small spaces can be vibrant, fragrant and life-giving. Here are a »» [read more] ««

8 Repurposed Bath Toys You Already Own

DIY Bath Toys

Is your little one is resisting bath time or needing variety?  Repurpose items you already own rather than rushing to the store to pick up the latest waterproof gadget. 8 Repurposed Bath »» [read more] ««

7 Adorable Easter Cupcakes Children Will Love

Easter Cupcake Ideas

This may be my favourite round-up. Ever. These cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous and kids will love helping to decorate them. Start the Easter festivities with a spring treat they will not forget. 7 »» [read more] ««