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Simple Living

  • 12 Shocking Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap

    Who knew that you could use Dawn dish soap for more than just washing dishes! I’ve learned through many trials, that Dawn is one of the best soaps out there! I actually call it my “all-purpose soap”, instead of my dish soap, because I use it for much more than just cleaning my dirty dishes.

    12 Shocking Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap

    Way to Use Dawn

    1. Make your own bubbles

    Mix 1/2 cup Ultra Dawn, 1/2 gallon warm water and 1 tablespoon glycerine (find it at your local drug store) and mix. Skim the foam off the top and you bubbles are ready. Just dip a bubble wand in the solution and blow!

    2. Help with greasy hair

    If you have extra oily hair, try washing your hair with a bit of Dawn. It’s gentle on the skin (and you’re hair), but strong enough to remove grease.

    3. Wash your windows

    Mix together 1 gallon of warm water + 4 small drops of Dawn, add to a spray bottle and clean your windows as you normally would.

    4. Get rid of fleas

    Wash your pets with Dawn and they will not only smell better, have better looking (and feeling!) skin, but Dawn also kills fleas!

    5. Make your own ice packs

    Fill a small-medium freezer bag with Dawn, zip it up tightly and freeze. Use this as an ice pack! You can re-freeze it again and again, too!

    6. Clean your tub & shower

    Fill a spray bottle with half Dawn and half white vinegar. Mix well (just give the bottle a good shake) and spray on your bathtub and shower walls. Allow to sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse it all off.

    7. Get rid of ants

    Spray a mixture of Dawn and water in the areas you see ants. Wipe dry. That’s it! No more ants!

    8. Clean oil & gas stains from your driveway

    Clean the excess with kitty litter, then scrub a mixture of biodegradable Dawn soap and warm water into the oil and gas stains. You may need to repeat the process for stubborn stains/marks.

    9. Pre-treat oily stains on clothing

    Apply a small amount of Dawn soap directly to the grease stain on your clothing. Scrub lightly with an old toothbrush until the oil is gone, then wash as usual.

    10. Prevent your glasses from fogging up

    Rub a very small amount of Dawn on your eyeglass lenses and then wipe clean. Voila! No more fogged up glasses!

    11. Get rid of weeds

    Mix together 1 teaspoon Dawn with 1 cup salt and 1 gallon white vinegar. Pour on the cracks and crevices that have weeds peeking through.

    12. Get rid of armpit stains on clothing

    Mix together one part Dawn dish soap with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Add in a tablespoon of baking soda. Pour mixture directly on the stain, scrub gently, and allow to sit for about 30 minutes. Launder as usual.

    How do you use Dawn dish soap – other than for washing dishes?

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  • 10 Delicious Easter Treats to Make This Year

    I’ve been all over Pinterest searching for Easter Crafts for my kids, that I’ve stumbled upon hundreds of Easter recipes, as well.

    Since I love baking, I was of course drawn more to the Easter treats! Here are 10 recipes that really caught my eye. I think you’ll like them. Give them a try this Easter and let me know what your favourite was!

    Easter Treats to Make

    10 Delicious Easter Treats to Make This Year

    Reces Peanut Butter Eggs

    1. Reese Peanut Butter Egg

    Cadbury Creme Eggs Cupcakes

    2. Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

    Bunny Cookie Bark

    3. Bunny Cookie Bark

    Banana Creme Coconut Bites

    4. Banana Coconut Creme Bites

    Spring Dirt Cups

    5. Spring Dirt Cups

    Sugar Cookie Nests

    6. Sugar Cookie Nests

    Krispy Easter Eggs

    7. Krispy Easter Eggs

    Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix

    8. Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix

    Peep Smores

    9. Peep S’Mores

    Easter Marshmallow Bark

    10. Easter Marshmallow Bark

    Do you have a favourite Easter treat that you love?

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  • 12 Super Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

    Easter will be here soon and my kids have been begging me to let them make Easter crafts, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately!

    While searching, I’ve come across a whole heap of fun Easter crafts for kids, and thought I’d share a few of them with you, too!

    Easter Egg Crafts

    12 Super Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

    Egg Carton Bunny

    1. Egg Carton Bunny

    Kool Aid Easter Eggs

    2. Kool-Aid Dyed Eggs

    Play Dough Surprise Eggs

    3. DIY Play Dough Surprise Eggs

    Tissue Paper Easter Egg

    4. Tissue Paper Easter Egg

    Easter Carrot Craft

    5. Fingerprint Carrot & Bunny Craft

    Marshmallow Easter Bunny

    6. Marshmallow Easter Bunny

    Plastic Easter Egg Prints

    7. Plastic Easter Egg Prints

    Baking Powder Easter Eggs

    8. Baking Powder Easter Eggs

    Cotton Pad Art

    9. Cotton Pad Art for Toddlers

    Q Tip Painted Easter Eggs

    10. Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs

    Easter Egg Window Art

    11. Easter Egg Window Art

    Painted Rock Easter Eggs

    12. Painted Rock Easter “Eggs”

    Are you doing any Easter crafts this year? Please share in the comments!

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  • How to Shine a Stainless Steel Sink

    Are you looking for a way to make your sink shine without much effort and without having to use special cleaners?

    If your answer is yes, pay attention. This post is for you.

    Shine Stainless Steel Sink

    There’s just something nice about a shiny stainless steel sink, and thankfully, it’s really easy to make it clean and shiny. No special cleaners needed. No chemicals. No weird combinations of various cleaning supplies. Just one thing:

    Baking Soda

    That’s right, all you need for a shiny kitchen sink is a box of baking soda. And some water, of course.

    Remove stuck on food and grease and then sprinkle a light amount of baking soda all over your sink, paying special attention to the corners and drain.

    Clean Kitchen Sink

    Get out an old toothbrush (a sponge would work too, but I find that a soft toothbrush works best in the corners and drain, so I just use it for the whole sink), run it under water (in your sink with baking soda) for a few seconds and start scrubbing (lightly!) in circles.

    Cleaning With Toothbrush

    Start with the sides of your sink, moving down, and finishing with the drain. Scrub the drain well, since that’s where most of your stains will likely be. If you need more water, run a bit in the sink and then shut it off. Don’t leave the water running, or all of your baking soda will disappear.

    Here’s what my sink drain looked like before I added baking soda and started scrubbing:

    Dirty Drain

    And here’s what it looked like when I was done:

    Clean Drain

    Finish off your cleaning by rubbing a mixture of baking soda and water on the top of your sink, and on the faucet (use a rag or sponge for this). Wipe clean with a damp rag. Rinse out your sink so there is no baking soda residue. If you still see stains, add some more baking soda and scrub again.

    Here’s what my sink looked like at the beginning:

    Dirty Sink

    And here’s what it looked like when I was finished cleaning:

    Clean Sink

    That’s it! A clean, shiny stainless steel sink in only 15-20 minutes, using only 1 very inexpensive product.

    Now that’s my kind of project!

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  • Top 10 Ways to Use Borax

    Ways to Use Borax

    Have you ever used Borax before? I’ve only been using it recently, after a friend told me to use it to clean carpet strains, but I’m amazed at just how many things this amazing product can do!

    Borax is most often used as a laundry booster, but it’s extremely versatile and effective as a household cleaner.

    Here are some interesting facts about Borax:

    • Natural deodorizer
    • Detergent booster
    • Stain remover
    • Safe for all machines
    • HE compatible

    Top 10 Uses for Borax

    1. Mix together 1 tablespoons of borax ad 2 cups of very warm water in a spray bottle and use as all-purpose cleaner.
    2. Keep ants and roaches away by mixing equal parts borax and sugar, and sprinkling it where the bugs are getting in.
    3. Keep mice out of your home by sprinkling some borax on the floor along the wall.
    4. Eliminate bed bugs by sprinkling some borax on your mattress, letting it sit for an hour, then vacuuming it up.
    5. Clean your garbage disposal by putting 3 tablespoons of borax down the drain. Allow to sit for an hour, then flush it with hot water.
    6. Clean extra dirty pots & pans by mixing 1 teaspoon borax with a bit of warm water and scrubbing with cloth or sponge.
    7. Mix together 1/4 cup borax and 1 cup water very well, then pour on carpet stains. Allow to sit for a few minutes, then scrub clean.
    8. Add 1 tablespoon of borax in your dishwasher to help remove water spots on your dishes.
    9. Add about 1/3 cup borax to your toilet bowl, scrub with a toilet brush, and then flush to completely clean your toilet without chemicals.
    10. Clean soiled cloth diapers by soaking in a pail, filled with warm water and 1 cup of borax. Soak for 30-40 minutes, then wash normally.

    Do you use Borax in your home? What do you use it for?

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  • Tip – Create a Separate Email Address

    One of the things that many new couponers and freebie hunters complain about is the amount of spam mail they get after they order a bunch of coupons and free samples.

    No one likes to log in to their email account and see a whole slew of spam messages. So, how do you stop all of this spam from coming your way?

    Easy – create a separate email address that you use only for promotions. Coupons, freebies, contests, store offers – all of that stuff should go to this separate email account and not to your personal account.

    Separate Email Address for Coupons

    While this won’t exactly stop the spam from coming, it will at least protect your personal email account!

    Extra Tip: If you’ve already signed up for freebies/samples/etc. with your personal email address, make sure you go to all of those sources and change the email to your new one – the one that you will use specifically for deals.

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  • My Top 8 Sites for Shopping Online

    I’m a huge fan of simple living, and making my life as easy as possible. One of the ways I do this is to shop online whenever possible. If I don’t have to set foot in a store, I’m happy.

    The good thing about shopping online (other than not having to leave home) is that many retailers are offering this now, and oftentimes you can get the same deals (if not better) than the ones that are available in stores!

    When I’m shopping online, here are the top 8 sites I often purchase from:

    Top Sites for Shopping Online

    1. Walmart

    Shipping: Free on any purchase
    This is one of my favourite online shopping sites for many reasons. One – the free shipping. I can buy something as inexpensive as $1, and Walmart will ship it to me for free. Another reason Walmart.ca is such an awesome online shopping experience is because they have a TON of merchandise available to purchase.

    Everything from barbecues to makeup to furniture to home decor to diapers – Walmart has it all, and often for a very low price, too! One more thing that I love about Walmart.ca is that you can search for items and see if they are also available in a store nearby (in case they are out of stock online).

    2. Old Navy

    Shipping: Free when you spend $50+
    Because Old Navy is so reasonably priced, I purchase a lot of clothing from them, for myself, my husband and our 2 kids. On top of their regular great prices, they often have special promotions and coupon codes available to use – turning a good deal into a great deal.

    Old Navy has a great return policy as well, allowing you to bring things into a store, or send via Canada Post (free of charge).

    3. Chapters/Indigo

    Shipping: Free when you spend $25+
    Chapters is more than just books these days. Although the bulk of their merchandise is reading material, you can also find a ton of other items available for sale at Chapters.

    In addition to books and magazines, you can buy toys, home decor items, stationary, and even food and beverages! Their prices are often high, so watch for special promotions and coupon codes, which they offer regularly.

    4. Amazon

    Shipping: Free when you spend $25+
    I’ve been a fan of Amazon for years and years. I used to just purchases movies, music and books from them, since that’s all they shipped to Canada, but now, I use Amazon to purchase many other items.

    They now ship groceries, baby items (such as diapers, wipes, formula, high chairs, etc.), home decor items, furniture, kitchen gadgets, and much, much more. Amazon is awesome!

    5. Home Depot

    Shipping: Varies
    Although I don’t shop at Home Depot often, when I do, I always try to shop online first, to save me an unnecessary trip to the store (have you ever tried lugging 2 young kids to a hardware store?).

    Home Depot offers a great selection of clearance items online, so I always check that section of the website before making my purchase. I’ve found many great deals this way!

    6. Well.ca

    Shipping: Free when you spend $25+
    If you’re looking for health & beauty items, home medical, baby supplies, vitamins, or personal care items, Well.ca is a great place to shop! They even sell toys, small appliances, outdoor furniture, batteries and much more!

    I only shop on Well.ca when they are offering a special promotion, since I find their regular prices to be much more than I could pay elsewhere. One of the best things about Well.ca, though, is that they ship your purchase right away. You never have to pay for 2-day shipping, because they ship things crazy fast!

    7. Ebay

    Shipping: Varies
    The thrifty shopper in me loves to browse eBay regularly for specific items that I just can’t find anywhere else. For example, I love antique dishes, furniture and… okay, I love pretty much anything antique – and I’ve found eBay to be one of the best places to find these items.

    Shipping costs will vary of course, depending on what you’re purchasing and from whom.

    8. Etsy

    Shipping: Varies
    Sometimes I can’t believe how amazing Etsy is, and I’m so shocked that more people don’t use it. I love to purchase custom wall decals, paintings, and jewelry, among other things.

    Making a purchase on Etsy is a great way to support local (and non-local!) artists, while scoring some creative, homemade items for yourself.

    What are some of your favourite websites for online shopping?

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