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  • Jamieson – Contest; Flip The Lid For a Chance To Win $1 Million!

  • Contest from Jamieson!

    Jamieson Contest 1 Million Dollars 2013

    Look for Flip the Lid PIN codes inside specially marked Jamieson products in stores now and enter them online at flipthelid.com for your chance to win a grand prize of $1,000,000!

    That’d buy a whole lot of vitamins, that’s for sure!

    Contest closes October 31, 2013.

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    8 Responses to »
    Jamieson – Contest; Flip The Lid For a Chance To Win $1 Million!

    1. savides says:


    2. savides says:

      i like all yor protucts

    3. Joanne L. Pelletier says:

      Hi!, I would like to unsubcribe Mrs. January cupon websight.
      My birthday is in January,alike. I’m not sure if Mrs.January
      is the web name for those cupons or are they directed subsciption
      to me, personnaly? I’m Miss, I not merried, or have been merried.
      I played a few contest with Shoppers drugmart,I thought I might
      have won cupons. Thank you

      • Bambi Blue says:

        Hi Joanne –

        I’m not entirely sure what you mean, I’m sorry.

        MrsJanuary is the name of this website. Perhaps you subscribed to our newsletter at some point? There should be an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of it somewhere, if that’s the case. Do you receive emails from us (mrsjanuary.com)?

    4. Why close a contest in October 2013 when stores are still carrying your items with due dates of 2015/16 ? The $1 coupon on the same contest-rules expired Dec 31/14 – why not the contest then???
      It would appear that you are replacing items much too quickly, either that, or your sales are not what you fantasise them to be. You should be giving your customers a FAIR chance to win at least!

    5. Doug Simon says:

      I tried to enter the Flip the Lid contest. Three times, the enter page timed out before I finished entering the information. I am not an accomplished typist, but work pretty quickly, so something is not right with the site.

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