10 Homemade Food Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love receiving homemade gifts for Christmas – especially food gifts.

Most people enjoy a yummy homemade treat because it is something that gives them immediate satisfaction. Whenever I receive cookies or some other food gift, I always have to sample it right away… it doesn’t matter how early in the day it is!

It’s not just cookies that make great food gifts , though. Below is a list of great homemade gift ideas that you can give to anyone on your gift list.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels: These look so easy to make… definitely something the kids can help create! Plus, chocolate and pretzels just go so well together. This treat is sure to be a hit!

All-Purpose Spice Rub: For the cooks in your family, this all-purpose spice rub would be a fantastic gift. Put it in a simple glass container with a label and some ribbon and you are good to go.

Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce: Peppermint anything is always loved during the holidays. I know I sure wouldn’t mind receiving some of this in my Christmas stocking!

Cookies In A Jar: I once received cookies in a jar and thought they were just the most adorable thing! Since then, I have been making them for friends and family as holiday gifts. People look forward to them every year!

Candy Caddy: Little kids would absolutely love this gift, but it can really be customized for just about anyone. Instead of candy, you could fill your bottles with corn nuts, peanuts.. that kind of thing.

Banana Bread: Who doesn’t love a nice loaf of homemade bread? Instead of going the traditional fruit cake route, try something different like yummy banana bread. You would even throw some chocolate chips in there to make it even more delicious.

Chocolate Macaroons: Like I said, you can’t go wrong with cookies as a homemade food gift, and these chocolate macaroons are just scrumptious. They’re easy to make, easy to package and easy to eat – bet ya can’t eat just one!

Reindeer Mix: If you’re making chocolate covered pretzels this year, a good way to use up all of the broken pretzel pieces is to make some of this reindeer mix. I wouldn’t suggest giving it to any reindeer though. 😉

Reindeer Marshmallows: These are very cute and would be a fun “craft” for your kids to help you with. Don’t have kids? I’m sure they would be just as fun to make on your own or with a friend!

Candy Cane Marshmallows: This clever gift idea is something that many people would be delighted to receive on Christmas morning. Give these marshmallows with some hot chocolate and a nice big mug.

I plan on giving quite a few homemade food gifts this year. I just think they are so personal – and are usually very well received.

Homemade tastes way better than store-bought, so if boxed chocolates or cookies are something you often give to others during the holiday season, consider making a few homemade gifts this year instead. I promise that the reaction you receive from friends and family will be well worth the time spent in your kitchen.

Do you give homemade food gifts for Christmas? If so, I’d love to read your recipes in the comments.

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  1. Paula says:

    everybody always looks forward to my homemade candied pecans.

    1 lb pecans
    mix in 1 egg white frothed, to make them sticky

    stir well in a mixture of 1 cup brown sugar ( brown sugar splaends mix for diabetics) cinnamon and nutmeg

    bake 200 F, 1 hr, stirring every fifteen minutes.


    package in clear cello bags ( dollar store 1.00 for thirty) with a prety bow.

    I sometimes put them in a mug with a special hot chocolate, ciffee or spiced drink mix.


  2. Stephanie says:

    My mom’s pretty famous around here for her turtles that she’s been making every Christmas for the past 30 years. Anyone who has ever tried them never touch the ones sold in stores anymore. 🙂

  3. Monica says:

    Odd question, but where do you find pretzel rods? I’ve searched my grocery stores and never find them! I’m on the West Coast!

  4. Jenny says:

    Where can I find the jars for cookie in a jar I love this idea

  5. Whitehouselady says:

    I have made the marshmallows before and they are AMAZING! People seem really impressed that they were home made. I have a kitchenaid mixer… I dont know how they would turn out with a hand mixer. I used a toothpick to swirl in the red food colouring. Careful not to beat them too much! They get tough and hard to cut!

  6. Mrs January says:

    Jenny: You can find them at many thrift stores, or even Walmart, Zellers, etc.

  7. Mrs January says:

    Monica: I’ve seen them at the Bulk Barn. 🙂

  8. Monica says:

    FYI! I found them at Michael’s (the craft store)! $2.99 on sale! (for 15)

  9. Krystina Hick says:

    My FAVORITE homemade gift (and it’s my family and neighbor’s favorite too) is making homemade apple pie jam. OH YEAH, you read that right, APPLE PIE JAM!! It’s not hard to make, takes maybe 2 hours with prep, cooking and canning/sealing, out of your day and the result is fantastic. It tastes just like apple pie filling! I love pairing it with either eggnog loaves, friendship bread or a cinnamon bread! (but regular toast works too.) My grandmother eats this by the spoon full 😛 so she will be getting three jars of apple pie jam for Christmas <3 .

  10. Anne says:

    I made marshmallow lollypops this year for my husband to take to a potluck… they were a huge hit! I got the idea from this blog post: http://nycelife.blogspot.com/2010/12/chocolate-peppermint-marshmallow-pops.html I used 2 marshmallows per pop when I made them. So easy and they turned out really well!

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