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  • Stretch Your Grocery Budget – 7 Foods That Will Help

  • Stretch Your Grocery Budget.

    Stretch Your Grocery Budget

    These 7 foods can save you money and help stretch your grocery budget. There are many ways to save money on food, including purchasing only sale items, using coupons and preparing food in bulk for the freezer.

    To ensure that you are saving the most amount of money possible on your food items, try to always keep the following budget friendly foods on hand.

    1. Oats

    A fantastic alternative to over-priced (usually) cereal, oats make a great breakfast option. A nice hot bowl of oatmeal is very satisfying on cold days (and even warm days if you are able to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning).

    Avoid the individual packets at the store and buy oats in bulk. If you like having the packets for convenience, try making your own. It’s easy!

    2. Beans

    Beans can be used in just about every lunch and dinner meal. Eat them on their own, mixed in with chilli’s & soups, or substitute for meat in some dishes (such as tacos or burgers).

    If you don’t want to give up all of the meat in your meal, try using a combination of half beans/half meat. You will hardly notice a difference in taste.

    3. Rice

    Rice is very inexpensive and extremely versatile. Use it for stir-fry, in soups, stuffed peppers, or on it’s own. You can even make desserts with rice that are very yummy.

    4. Potatoes

    Potatoes are one of the most economical foods available. It’s not uncommon for 10 pound bags of potatoes to go on sale for less then $2.

    Since potatoes are a produce item, they are cheaper at certain times of the year (July-March). When stored in a cold, dark area of your home, they can last for weeks.

    5. In-Season Produce

    You should always buy produce that’s in season if you’re looking to save money on your grocery bill. Check out our in-season produce guide to know the best time to buy a variety of different produce.

    Once in season, buy produce in bulk and freeze, so those items will last you well into the seasons that they are not at their cheapest/freshest.

    6. Pasta

    We often have a pasta meal every week, because we know how much money it saves us to eat that type of meal.

    Pasta is a very inexpensive (even more so if you buy it on sale and with a coupon) alternative to a big meat-heavy meal.

    7. Eggs

    Eggs are an inexpensive protein that can be used for many meatless meals such as omelettes, boiled eggs, and other ‘breakfast for dinner’ type meals.

    Eggs often last about 3 weeks in the refrigerator, so stock up when you see a great sale.

    All of these foods are inexpensive and can really help to stretch your grocery budget further.

    Watch for sales and stock up for as long as you can (be sure that you will be able to consume the items before their expiration date).

    I recommend checking out The Bulk Barn for most of your bulk food purchases (we buy our oats, spices, and more from there). They are usually much cheaper than the grocery stores and often have great money saving coupons available as well.

    Are there any other foods you would add to this list?

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    21 Responses to »
    Stretch Your Grocery Budget – 7 Foods That Will Help

    1. Nicole W says:

      At this time of year, I find that many of my friends & neighbours are complaining that they have too many apples or zucchinis in their yards & gardens. I always offer take them & in return bake something nice to give back and freeze the rest of my baking for the winter. Many people don’t seem to bother canning or freezing their garden veggies. Don’t be afraid to ask!

    2. Jorina says:

      I try to limit white grains/pasta and processed foods. Any idea where we can get coupons for natural foods, or fresh produce and meat?
      Also, what is it about Bulk Barn that screams “Made in China – stay away!”? Am I the only one who is very leery about their products?

    3. kaylie says:

      just title it “foods for prison”

    4. Nicole says:

      I love everything about Mrs. January and this post but I do not eat a lot of these staples (grains/white potatoes/beans) because I try to practice a paleo lifestyle. I also find that a lot of coupons are for processed food or food with additives. It’s so hard to find coupons for fresh produce and meat :( Keep up the good work.

    5. Mrs January says:

      eric: On the Bulk Barn website. There are not currently any coupons available though. Hopefully soon!

    6. eric says:

      Mrs. January, where do you get your coupons for the Bulk Barn?

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