CardSwap Canada – Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards & Buy Ones You Want At A Discount

Have you ever received a gift card that you had no intention of ever using? I bet it just sat in a drawer, unused, until you finally come across it months (or years!) later – only to find out that the store has gone out of business.

You don’t have to hold on to those gift cards any longer. You can sell your unused gift cards on CardSwap for up to 92% of the face value in cash.

Of course, you can also buy gift cards on CardSwap. There are many cards available, including stores like:

– Jacob
– Mexx
– Pier One Imports
– American Eagle
– The Keg
– Applebees

There is no fee to purchase a gift card. Once you pay, CardSwap will mail you your gift card.

Note: I have not been paid by CardSwap to talk about their services. I just really, truly love the site. I have purchased many gift cards from them and it’s been a pleasant experience each time.

Visit CardSwap and order discounted gift cards!

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