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  • Checkout 51 – The Ultimate Guide

  • Get Cash Back with Checkout 51.

    Checkout 51 Guide

    Have you heard about Checkout 51? If not, here is a brief introduction to who they are and what they do:

    Checkout 51 lets you save on the brands you love. Get new offers weekly, buy from any store in Canada (excluding Quebec), snap a photo of the receipt and get cash back!

    Checkout 51 is based out of Toronto and is looking to change the world of couponing in Canada by offering consumers cash back, without them having to use a single coupon.

    Here’s what Noah Godfrey, Checkout 51 co-founder, has to say about the service:

    “Since the Coca-Cola Company issued the first coupon 125 years ago, coupons haven’t changed much. Shoppers have to do a lot of work to save money on groceries, clipping or printing, stuffing wallets, holding up checkout lines. Checkout 51 makes it easier to get discounts on peanut butter, toilet paper and everything else found in a grocery store.”

    Checkout 51 Logo

    How does Checkout 51 work?

    1. Buy items at any store in Canada (excluding Quebec). Yes, that even includes stores such as Costco and The Bulk Barn.
    2. Send a photo of your receipt. Receipts must be very clear and readable. You must send a photo of your entire receipt, from the very top to the very bottom. If you have a long receipt, you can add “sections”.
    3. Get cash back. You can request a cheque once your account hits $20, or you can let it grow to a larger amount. The choice is yours. Cheques will be mailed to the address you have on file.

    Yes, it really is that easy! And no, it is not a scam. It works!

    Checkout 51 Submit Receipt

    Checkout 51 Add Section

    Who can be member?

    Anyone can be a member of Checkout 51, as long as you live in Canada. It’s free to sign up.

    You can only have 1 account per person. This means that more than one person in your household can have an account.

    Can I get cash back on multiple items?

    There is a limit of 1 rebate per item, per account. If you wanted to buy, for example, 3 of any particular item, you would only receive cash back for 1 of those items.

    You can submit multiple receipts each week, but you can only use a receipt once. This means you can’t buy 2 of the same item and submit the receipt once for one account and again for another account.

    Checkout 51 Rebate

    When are new offers available to claim?

    New Checkout 51 offers are released every Thursday (we post them on Mrs January every Tuesday so you can plan your shopping trip) and are valid until Wednesday of the following week.

    There are usually around 10 offers available and you can claim 1 or all of them, but you must hurry, as quantities are limited (beta members – who are those that signed up before this app was available to everyone – never have to worry about limited quantities). New offers are announced through email, the Checkout 51 app, and the Checkout 51 Facebook page.

    Note: Sometimes you will find exclusive offers when you view available offers via the app. These exclusive offers vary by account and are based on your previous rebates. Checkout 51 will evaluate what you have purchased in the past and give you these special, exclusive offers.

    Can I use coupons and other discounts and still get my rebate?

    Yes, you can use coupons and other discounts and you will still receive cash back for your purchase(s).

    This is a great way to get free, or close to free, grocery items each week!

    Checkout 51

    When do I get my cash back?

    You are able to cash out and receive a cheque once your account reaches $20 or more. You don’t have to cash out right away, but if you want to, you can.

    Cheques are sent out via mail within 7 business days. From personal experience, I usually receive my rebate cheque about 1 week after I request it. They’re very fast!

    I live in Quebec, can I use Checkout 51?

    Eventually, yes. Right now, no. They are currently working on perfecting their technology so that it will be able to read French receipts, but currently they can only read English.

    Once they are able to read French receipts, Quebec will be able to participate.

    I don’t have an Apple or Android device, can I use Checkout 51?

    Yes! You can now use Checkout 51, even without an Apple or Android device.

    If you haven’t signed up to Checkout 51 yet – what are you waiting for? If you love saving money, but hate the hassle of carrying coupons around with you (or if you want to combine your coupon savings with your rebate savings), this is the app for you!

    You can sign up to Checkout 51 right here. Happy saving!

    Do you use Checkout 51? Do you like it?

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    43 Responses to »
    Checkout 51 – The Ultimate Guide

    1. melissa says:

      hi , i live in quebec i want to know if i buy in ontario can i use checkout 51 ?

    2. Rachel says:

      Some (but not all) of my offers now state ‘Cannot be combined with any other offer’ in the fine print section. Does that mean that you can’t combine these rebates with paper coupons in store?

    3. guest says:

      If I completed one offer last week and the same offer comes back again this week, can I do it again? The limit says one but I do not know if the limit is only for one week. Does anyone know? Thanks.

    4. Heidi says:

      I noticed that buytopia.ca is launching something similar called snapsaves.ca
      Can we sign up for both? Do you think it may be beneficial to sign up for one or the other?

    5. Sandy says:

      This is awesome! Although I do have a question. E.g. Out of 10 items you posted on checkout 51, if I buy 3 items in single receipt, I believe that’s valid ….? Please confirm.

    6. Susan says:

      This is an awesome program, coupon clipping is tedious, this is great THANK YOU

    7. SavingMentor says:

      I just got the email confirming that Checkout 51 is now available for Android. I’m pretty excited because both my wife and I use Android phones. Go download it now :)

    8. Corina says:

      What if I purchased the item the day the rebate wasn’t available yet, example purchased item at 5 pm on Wednesday and the rebate started 12 am Thursday, can i still use the receipt?


    9. Vickie says:

      I tried to upload my receipts for this app although I did not see the receipt reflected on my Iphone. The app did confirm I was owed 4.50 cents. I kept trying to take a photo of my receipt but did not see the pic of my receipt on my screen. Now I have nothing pending in my Check out 51 account and no money owed. I am really bummed out as last weeks offer has now ended. Am I supposed to see the photo of the receipt? I just kept seeing blank pages on my screen. Help! I just lost 4.50!

    10. Jacquie says:

      I love this app as well. I use my I-Pad and response time is super fast.

    11. Bern says:

      Just wondering how the receipts are uploaded. Is it done through email?

    12. Angie says:

      What about the fact that quantities are limited? Is it possible that others can get the rebate and you can’t, even after following everything properly? Does checkout 51 indicate how many more submissions will be accepted for a given item before it is rejected?

    13. Krystal says:

      I LOVE Checkout51 and recommend it to all my family and friends. I find it really easy using an ipod touch 5th gen and wifi at home. I’ve mad over $54 since Feb this year with items I would normally buy or trying new items at great prices.

    14. Jennifer says:

      I love it…triple the deals if you use paper coupons at the store and match with sale item, Three weeks I am at 15 dollars

    15. Miss Molly says:

      I just got an iPad and have $3 in my account. I love this app!

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