Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

Frugal Halloween Costumes.

I love Halloween and am sad that we are going to miss it this year (we will be travelling home from Florida).

When I was younger, I would always leave my costume idea until the last minute and then we would have to go out and buy something over-priced and not very cool because there was nothing else left.

If you plan ahead, you really can get the best deals on some awesome costumes! Here are some of my favourite frugal Halloween costume ideas:

Ghost – This has to be the most simple costume ever. Simply grab an old white bed sheet, cut some holes for eyes and that’s it!

Farmer – Flannel shirt, overalls, some rainboots abd a straw hat (or baseball cap).

Cowgirl/boy – Flannel shirt, blue jeans and a cowgirl/boy hat. You could also pick up a cheap pair of boots from the thrift store. Easy peasy. I was a cowgirl for Halloween last year and it was very fun!

Painter – Some old clothes, splashed with paint, and a painters cap (which you can usually get for free from the paint store). Stick a paint brush in your pocket and VOILA! Painter!

Egg – An all white-outfit with a big yellow circle (the yolk), made out of construction paper, taped to your stomach.

Martha Stewart – Khakis, blue button down shirt, an apron and some craft or cooking supplies in the apron pockets.

Hugh Hefner – Pajamas, bathrobe and a pipe. That’s all there is to this costume.

Pirate – Some cut-off jeans, a striped t-shirt and an eye patch that you can get from the dollar store.

Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive. It is a fun holiday and you should enjoy it, not stress over the cost of your costume.

There are many places you can get your costumes and not break the bank:
– Home
– Thrift Stores
– Garage Sales
– Online Classifieds
– Borrow from friends or family
– Look through your costumes from previous years

What are you or your kids being for Halloween this year?

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  1. Stacey says:

    LOL I know the guy in the Painter picture!!!

    Anyway, I don’t do halloween but great costume ideas.

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