Gift Basket Ideas For Wedding Showers: Reader Question

A reader, Melissa, sent in this question:

I would appreciate advice on this… my boyfriend and I have a TON of wedding showers to go to this summer, and I would like to put together a gift basket of items for the happy couples.

what do you think would be the best items to put in them without coming off as cheap? And of course, I’d like to use coupons to get the items.

Do you have any ideas for Melissa?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good idea if it’s done well! I think it’s probably best to avoid throwing in random bits and pieces and samples — those start to look cheap. You should try to go with a theme and add some other, non-coupon items as well (especially if people know you’re a couponer!).

    I think anything looks better if you have really luxurious packaging — lined baskets or useful, good-quality reusable containers and fabric ribbon to tie the cellophane. Sometimes you can find great clearance prices on baskets and things at RCSS. In general, too much obviously dollar store stuff will make the whole thing look cheap. I was at a baby shower recently where someone made a diaper cake. Unfortunately, the base was a cheap foil tray and the toys, the baby items were all obviously from a dollar store, and the bow was a limp piece of curling ribbon. Aside from the diapers, most of the other stuff probably wouldn’t get used. Luckily, most smart shoppers tend to look for the good stuff at a very low price!

    A housecleaning kit could be nice — a good quality bucket loaded with cleaning supplies and scrubber sponges/microfibre cloths, etc., especially if they’ll be moving to a new home. You could also do a kitchen or bathroom-themed basket. For my SIL’s housewarming, I’m making a basket with a set of towels (2 each of bath, hand, and facecloths) along with Method handsoap and Method cleaning products (not exactly coupon stuff, but I used a credit I had from You could also cash in SDM points). She’s going from one bathroom to three, so I imagine she’ll need more stuff! I’m also throwing in a book of household hints.

    Good luck! Sounds like shower season could be a lot of fun!

  2. Mallory says:

    I just attended a bridal shower and the bride received the most creative gift I’d ever seen. For every major holiday/special occasion (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc.) a gift bag was put together with items they can put out for that occasion (towels, bath&body works scented soaps, dishes, cutlery, etc.). Clearly this one takes some planning; however, if you get the items on clearance, it can be put together for a great deal.

  3. Thanks everyone for the wonderful ideas, and thanks to Cassie for posting this! Im liking the towels and bathroom ideas! Also the medical, and hygiene baskets!

    Melissa Anne

  4. Ashley says:

    I just attended a shower for my friends fiancée. I couldn’t afford to spend a lot, so I cashed in $15 of swagbucks amazon gcs for a nice desserts cookbook and a wedding photo album (I ordered some other stuff for myself I needed to get free shipping), then picked up a nice nonstick muffin pan and a chenille throw blanket from RCSS. I wrapped it up really nice, and spent a grand total of about $15.

    My suggestion would be to pick a theme, and pick up some clearance.

  5. Ashley says:

    Oops pressed too soon…

    Pick up clearance or sale items and find a nice basket or box and wrap it up really pretty.

  6. teachermum says:

    My goddaughter got married last year and dd and I took two laundry baskets brimming with stuff. DD wove ribbon through the slats. Many of the things I grabbed off my basement shelves and had to actually go out and purchase very little. Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, Mr Clean, Toilet cleaner, Vim, dish soap, scrubbies, rubber gloves, lotion, body wash, a man’s and a woman’s razor and shave cream, various sizes of Ziplocks, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues…

    We had to purchase a 12 pack of terry cleaning cloths, wax paper, foil, glad wrap, Windex, and the laundry baskets.

    Not a cheap gift by any means but there was no other gift like that and she has emailed me several times over the months how great it was to have all that stuff! She was living at home and he had just moved into their house not long before they got married so they sure only had the very basics. Dd thought it was a “lame” gift, but changed her mind after all the ooos and ahhhs!

    I have also heard of pantry showers (not sure if they do such things now but 25 years ago everyone seemed to have 2-4 showers (work, friends, family, etc) and often they were themed: pantry, kitchen, personal, white goods (sheets/towels) I like the idea of a pantry box/shower for a couple setting up house for the first time where people bring staples: flour, sugar, baking powder/soda, salt, pepper, spices, cocoa, chocolate chips, tinned basics like beans, tomatoes, soups, etc. A box of that sort of thing at any shower would be a great help when the couple is just starting out. I’d throw in a few recipes for the basics like bread, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, cake, etc as no one seems to make those from scratch anymore but they are so easy!

  7. teachermum says:

    Oh, and I love the idea of a “first aid” basket…you don’t think about buying bandaids until you are standing in the kitchen with a knife wound!!! Those bits and pieces are expensive if you have to grab them all at once.

  8. Angela says:

    Presentation is everything. I once made a three tiered “cake ” for a friends bridal shower of white bath towels. Roll the large towels(with facecloths and hand towels inside) to create the tiers, making sure all seems and ends are to the inside creating a smooth finish on the outside. It may take some practice rolling to get it just right, depending on the thickness of your towels.

    To secure the towels I used corsage pins that have a nice pearl on the end so it held everything together, looked great and was easy to disassemble for the bride. For the base you could use a nice round serving tray, or if using kitchens towels, a round pizza pan. You can decorate using any theme you like, and you can hide smaller items in the “cake” as an extra surprise. No need to wrap, so it saves on packaging too.

    The bride to be will be thrilled by the effort you put into it, making it even more special!!!

  9. Nacho says:

    I always do a mop buckets full of cleaning supplies. Or you can do a bathroom basket full of personal care supplies.

  10. Fiona says:

    I try to match up to the couple. For one they like to entertain alot so what I did was get a mixology book go through and found a drink recipe that matched the theme of the occasion then bought a basket and all the ingredients for the drink and put the reciepe in the card that was attached to the basket. Was a big hit with the coupole who got it.

  11. Lindsey says:

    I recently saw this and thought it might make a great gift…

    A binder of 12 envelopes with instructions and props for 12 months of date nights for a newly married couple.

    Enjoy the upcoming wedding / shower season!

  12. Diane says:

    To go along with the bathroom theme, Bath & Body Works is having a 50% off sale on June 13th. They have some really nice stuff.

  13. Dawn says:

    A cleaning basket or a food basket is always great! I personally adore gift baskets. My SIL gave me for Xmas a basket, two muffin tins, a jar of home made muffin mix, two tins of pumpkin for the muffins, a bottle of vanilla extract and paper muffin cups. It was great! 🙂 Be creative and centre the basket around a theme for a cohesive look.

  14. Carrie H says:

    I know the showers are for the girl but don’t forget the groom to be we did I tool box with a bow with a few tools! The ladies got a great laugh and he didn’t feel left out when he saw it.

  15. Laura says:

    I love making baskets for people. I wouldnt really go near the cleaning stuff but Getting recipes (even if the person doesnt like baking- easy ‘no’ bake recipes are great) And then you can throw in a few of the baking supplies like cocoa etc. The dollarstore and places like giant tiger and lens mill store have great little baking tools. You can throw in a couple unique items and then spend most of your money on one big item like a nice mixing bowl set, they always go on sale for like 10 dollars at canadian tire. That is how I get a great basket for under 30 dollars. I have sooo many showers/weddings this year too!

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