7 Inexpensive Ways To Display Your Photos: Part 1

Life was so simple when we dropped off a roll of film and waited to pick up our imperfect pictures. But at least they were real, tangible photos we could hold and put into an album (or shoebox).

Enter the digital age. We now have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures waiting to be enjoyed. It’s true. My children are mostly jpegs. Adorable little jpegs on mama’s hard drive.

I’m on a quest to display the jpegs. Since I have a limited budget, I’m looking for creative and affordable ways to display my photos so my family can enjoy them.

7 Inexpensive Ways To Display Your Photos: Part 1

Display Your Photos

1. Have an Anti-procrastination Week

Set a deadline to tackle this project. Break the task into smaller steps.

Week 1: Download all pictures from the camera/phone onto the computer
Week 2: Organize pictures into folders (see this blog for great strategies)
Week 3: Back up pictures on hard drive
Week 4: Choose one method of displaying to get you started

Look at the progress we can make in just one month.

2. Snatch up Deals

Visit Mrsjanuary.com and our facebook page regularly to spot great deals on printing pictures.

Also, sign up for promotions from photo companies directly. Blacks offers deals such as 8×10 prints for $1 if you buy 20. Or 5×7 prints for $1 no matter how many you buy. Costco and Walmart also have reasonable photo printing (but Costco gets my vote for quality).

3. Create a Year-At-A-Glance

While my scrapbooking days are on hold, I try to do a one-year overview to capture family highlights. I use My Publisher and make this gift for grandparents. This year I purchased a voucher for $40 in October (plus shipping) to make a high quality album with up to 80 pages. I displayed 400 of our favourite images and memories. Meet the world little jpegs!

Throughout the year, My Publisher has promotions to re-order an identical album and this one I keep (for about $25).

Best of all, if you are a new client your first album is free.

my publisher

4. Enjoy Digital Photo Frames

One of the easiest ways to enjoy many pictures in your home is to purchase a digital photo frame. Upload favourite pics on your memory stick, plug it in for a personal slideshow! Some even allow you to add music to the display. Walmart has many reasonable options from $48 up.
digital photo frames

5. Use Technology

Use technology to display pictures creatively. Make an iMovie. Burn a DVD that you can watch at family night. Or hire your teen and prepare to be amazed.

6. Recycle Picture Frames

Before heading to the store to buy frames, take an inventory of what you already have. Walk around your house looking at pictures you have framed that could be tucked away, or empty frames you have on hand. Make note of the dimensions of the frames and print pictures that are the perfect size.

7. Get Magnetic

I am crazy about this website. Turn your instagrams and photos into mini square magnets. You can purchase 9 magnets for $15.99 with free shipping worldwide.
sticky gram magnet board

Can’t wait to start these projects. Be inspired and take small steps to display photos on a budget. Come back on Thursday for another post with DIY ideas to help you feature even more photos!

What project will you try first?

By: Karen Gauvreau

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  1. Denise says:

    I love, love, love these ideas!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Karen Gauvreau says:

    Denise – thanks for your enthusiasm! Hope you have fun tackling this project.

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