Senior Discounts In Canada

Discounts for Seniors!

Senior Discounts

If you’re a senior (or you know a senior) looking to save money, look no further. Thanks to the help of many on our Facebook page, I have put together a list of discounts available to seniors in Canada.

The following list includes the store, discount, and minimum age requirement. I will add more discounts to this list as I come across them. Feel free to submit them here, too!

  • A&W (age: 60+): 10% off food purchases, every day.
  • The Bay (age: 60+): 15% off your purchase, first Tuesday of every month.
  • Bulk Barn (age: students AND 60+): 10% off your purchase, every Wednesday. Discount cannot be combined with any other discount ($3 off $10 coupons).
  • Canadian Tire (age: 65+): 10% off regular priced items, first Wednesday of every month.
  • Golden Griddle (age: 55+):10% discount, excluding alcohol, every day.
  • Go Transit (age: 65+): 1/2 price of a single ride adult fare, every day.
  • Greyhound (age: 62+): 10% off your purchase, every day.
  • Hallmark (age: 55+): 10% off your purchase, one day per week (days vary by location).
  • Imperial Buffet (age: 65+): 25% off the buffet price, every day.
  • Lawtons Drug (age: 55+): 20% off select merchandise, every day.
  • M&M Meats (age:60+): 5% off your purchase, every Tuesday.
  • Mandarin Chinese Buffet (age: 65+): 20% off the buffet price, every day.
  • Marriott (age: 62+): 15% off or more on your room rate, every day.
  • McDonalds (age: 60+):Large coffee for $0.85, every day.
  • Rexall PharmaPlus (age: 60+): 20% off your purchase of regular priced merchandise every Tuesday of the Month.
  • Rona (age: 65+): 10% off your purchase, any day.
  • Salvation Army (age: 60+): 10% off your purchase, every day. Discount cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (age: 55+): 20% off your purchase of regular priced merchandise (excludes certain items), every Thursday.
  • Smitty’s: With a $2 annual fee, receive a $5 gift certificate and save 15% off any menu or retail item, every day.
  • Value Village (age : 55+): 10% off your purchase, every Tuesday.
  • Via Rail (age: 60+): Save on adult regular fare, every day.

Reaching a milestone birthday of 50+ is cause for celebration – think of all the discounts you’re able to receive now (often on top of coupons and other discounts)!

The best possible way to receive a senior discount is to simply ask for one. Most stores offer them, but may not actively promote this service. When it doubt, ask. You can’t get what you don’t ask for!

Do you know of any stores that give senior discounts? Please submit them here.

Posted on, May 17, 2013
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  1. sally says:

    some colleges and universitites offer free courses for seniors when others have to pay the full tuition

    free/low fee bank accounts + free cheques

    In Ontario annual eye doctor check ups are free but younger patients have to pay around $70+

    Depending on the region where you live, there is free/low cost snow shovelling/lawn mowing

    Ontario has the seniors home renovation tax credit to renovate your house

    Enbridge gas in Ontario does not make seniors pay a late fee (or a much lower fee) when they pay their monthly gas bill

    Enbridge gas in Ontario has a program for reduced gas fee when a senior is low income (must have proof and must apply)

    Sears 10% off for Optical, Women/Men/Children’s clothing on 2nd Tuesday of the month, at least in Ontaro

    Pearle Vision 30% off eye wear with CAA card

  2. Pink says:

    Grey Power home or car insurance, huge savings for 50 plus

  3. Rayana says:

    In BC, Salvation Army Thrift Shops give a 20% discount on Tuesdays only.

  4. Marlene G says:

    A&W at the Shoppers mall in Brandon MB refused to give discount. Is this another “At participating locations” thing? I can’t find any information on A&W policy.

  5. Jen says:

    Shoppers Drug Mart (age: 55+)*

    This is YMMV, but I’ve been to at least 5 Shoppers Drug Marts in Ontario (3 in Peterborough, 1 in Orillia, 1 in North Bay) that have seniors discounts starting at age 50.

  6. Miranda says:

    I work at Wendy’s in Halifax Nova Scotia and we offer 10% off for seniors

  7. A Smith says:

    EggSmart (a breakfast/lunch chain) has a senior’s card (for free) that gives you 10% discount on Tuesdays at the Fowler Drive, Mississauga, store and atthe Geneva St. store in St. Catharines.

  8. Margaret Dougherty says:

    Shoppers Drug Mart offers its 20% seniors discount **every** Thursday. 55+

  9. Robin Ross says:

    Rona in Coquitlam, BC says seniors’ discount only on first Tuesday of each month

  10. lorna says:

    Hi i keep looking in my email to send in confirmation to receive stuff …it still hasnt come..and i looked in my junk mail too can you help me out?

  11. Terri says:

    I requested a large seniors coffee at McDonalds and was told they only have a seniors discount on their small coffee. Anyone else experience this?

  12. MDash says:

    BC Ferries no longer has free senior fares. Seniors now must pay 1/2 price Mon to Thurs, except holidays.

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