Shoppers Drug Mart Canada – Changes To Point Values And More Bad News

Today is a very sad day. I have just learned that Shoppers Drug Mart is making some big changes to their Shoppers Optimum program… and they are not good changes either!

First of all, they are changing the point values to the following:
8,000 points = $10
22,000 points = $30
38,000 points = $60
50,000 points = $85
95,000 points = $170

If that wasn’t depressing enough, it also seems they will be eliminating the bonus points you get for redeeming when you are a Plus member. Right now when you redeem 40,000 points you get 5,000 back and when you redeem 75,000 points you get 10,000 back.

Now, probably the worst news of all (which isn’t 100% confirmed, but there has been speculation) is that Shoppers Drug Mart will stop doing the bonus redemption events! Oh nooooooooooooooooo!

All of these changes are effective July 1st, 2010.
*runs off into a corner and cries*

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