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  • SnapSaves – Everything You Need to Know

  • Have you heard about SnapSaves? It’s another awesome money-saving tool that you can download – very similar to Checkout 51.

    Today, I’d like to explain a bit about how SnapSaves works, and how you can use it to save money on your groceries each week.

    SnapSaves Rebates Tutorial

    What is SnapSaves?

    SnapSaves is a program that gives you cash back for purchases that you make each week. As you shop, you earn money, simply by taking a picture of your receipt and submitting it to SnapSaves.

    As long as you are making purchases at stores in Canada, you can earn cash back from SnapSaves!

    How do I join?

    You can sign up to SnapSaves on their website, or you can download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Register yourself as a SnapSaves user and you are ready to go!

    Note: You do NOT need to have a smartphone to join SnapSaves (but you get special offers for mobile users, if you join using a mobile device).

    SnapSaves Canada Rebates

    What about coupons?

    You can stack manufacturer and store coupons with these rebates from SnapSaves, making your savings even greater. In addition, you can stack these rebates with rebates offered from Checkout 51!

    How do I upload receipts?

    When uploading receipts, make sure that you include a shot of the entire receipt, and that the receipt is clear and easy to read. If you have a very long receipt, there is an “add section” option, so you can take multiple photos of one long receipt.

    SnapSaves Receipt

    How often are new offers available?

    You can expect new rebates from SnapSaves each Wednesday at midnight. You can claim a rebate every week that they are available.

    New bonus offers are available every day, Monday through Friday. You’ll want to get these deals quick, though, because they are only available in limited quantities!

    A few more things about SnapSaves…

    • SnapSaves is NOT available for Blackberry users (not yet!).
    • Earn $1 for every person that you refer to SnapSaves (they must submit at least 1 receipt before you can get your referral bonus).
    • There is a limit of 1 account per person (not per household).

    When do I get paid?

    Once you’ve earned $20 or more in rebates, you can request a cheque, and it will be sent out to you.

    That’s it!

    Sign up to SnapSaves now and start saving money!

    Are you a SnapSaves user? What do you think of it?

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    16 Responses to »
    SnapSaves – Everything You Need to Know

    1. Nadia says:

      I’ve been curious about the bonus offers, as I know they sell out fast. I’ve already found myself not getting a discount on something I bought because it sold out on my way home from the store! They share the upcoming bonus offers ahead of time, can you go and buy all the items you want to redeem on the first day then submit them as they become active? or do your purchases have to be made after the deal is activated? Also if all the items are on the same receipt, can you resubmit that same receipt again for different bonus offers? Sorry about all the questions but, I have been unable to find clear answers on their site and I am sure others are curious too. Thanks for sharing anything you may know.

    2. Tammy says:

      Few of the bonus offers come up on my account.
      Is it a profile or settings deal?
      Before login I see options including your mentions today of altoids etc but once I login they don’t come up.
      Bummed and hoping for help.

      • Cassie Howard says:

        If they don’t show up, it’s because they are for new members only, or because they are “sold out”.

    3. Catherine says:

      Yes it’s a pretty app but the junk keeps freezing. :S Annoying!

    4. Michelle says:

      Cart Smart is awesome for local and some out of town flyers that load beautifully onto your smartphone. Way better than using store websites for flyers. Fewer rebates however but great for grocery lists and price matching.

    5. i’m not having any luck with the referral system – anyone have any tips?

    6. Linda says:

      I am a member of SnapSaves and I don’t have a fancy phone. I do it all on my desktop. It seems okay. The same items seem to be constant with others coming and going.

    7. Wendi says:

      Must be getting lots of sign ups as the app crashes when signing in on the ipad.

    8. melanie says:

      valid in Quebec?

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