Stockpile Storage Ideas

Stockpile Storage Ideas

Have you been building a grocery stockpile and are now struggling with how to store everything that you’ve stocked up on?

If so, this post is for you.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a good place to store your items, consider the stockpile storage ideas below.


If you have a basement and can spare a bit of space down there, do it. Invest in some sturdy shelving units and/or storage bins or carts to keep things organized and off the floor. Don’t store certain food items in your basement if it is humid.

Under Your Bed

You can also store your stockpile items under your bed in some under-bed storage containers. I suggest this type of storage for things like bathroom and facial tissue. Avoid storing food under your bed, as it may go bad before you can get to it (because you don’t see it).


Do you have a dresser that’s not being used? Dressers are great for more than just clothing. Try putting some of your smaller stockpile items in them.

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If you have space in your garage, you can store your stockpile items here as well. Just like a basement, don’t store certain food items in your garage if it is humid.

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Where Items Belong

If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire area/room for your stockpile, keep your items all over the house. Store things in the places that they will be used.

Store your shampoo, body wash and toothbrushes in the bathroom. Store your bathroom and facial tissue in the hall closet. Store your food in the kitchen pantry. Store your laundry soap and fabric softener in the laundry room.

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A Few More Stockpiling Tips:

Organize your stockpile.
– Store like with like (cereal with breakfast bars, laundry soap with fabric softener).
– Always take items from the front and add new items to the back.
– Keep a stockpile inventory so you know what you have at all times.
– Write expiration dates on your items so you can quickly scan them and see when they expire.

There is no “right” place for you to store your stockpile. Everyone’s space limitations are different, so keep your items where they work best for you.

Just because one person keeps their stockpile in the basement, doesn’t mean you need to keep yours there as well. Maybe yours would do just fine in an unused closet.

The important thing is to keep your stockpile organized so that you always know where everything is.

Do you have any stockpile storage ideas? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Mrs January says:

    Sorry about that! Photos are fixed now. 🙂

  2. Marilyn Allen says:

    Hi. We have limited storage space so I’ve had to be creative too. The floor of your closets is another place to store items. 5 gallon buckets are handy and cheap. They can be stored incognito by grouping 3 together, put a round or square piece of wood on top and cover with a floor length tablecloth. Use as an endtable. You can now get gamma lids from Home Deposit to seal the buckets. Makes them pretty much air and water tight and they are removeable for easy access.

  3. annette says:

    i also make sure that i only buy what I know my family is gonna use before it expires. The only thing I really dont limit is stuff like toilet paper, kleenex, paper towel, laundry soap, since they dont really have an exp. Date. I also only buy these items if they are free or close to being free. The only issue I have is with samples, there can be so many and right now I keep them in a rubermaid container

  4. teachermum says:

    Recently dh build me a food pantry in a rather small space in our basement next to the bathroom we put in. It is only 6’deep and 4’wide but you would be amazed how much you can fit in there if you have fully adjustable shelves. Fixed shelf heights are a huge pet peeve of mine! I have one foot deep shelves along the sides and 8″ shelves across the back. Just enough room to walk in and put things away but so much better than the deeper but fixed shelving that I was using in the crawl space-not so good on a bad back! It also serves as a self-limiter as I agreed that I would only buy what fits in there.

    Health and beauty, dish, laundry, meds are on the old shelves where cans used to be, not quite a foot deep, all fully adjustable-again, if it won’t fit there I can’t buy it!

    Not sure if I can post a picture but I’ll give it a try.
    The 4×6 room
    H&B where cans used to be

    We just completed a small alcove right across from the pantry for an extra fridge and upright freezer, in which we put a huge shelf above which will hold all the toilet paper, paper towels and kleenex. Again, if it won’t fit, can’t buy more!

    • Olivia says:

      WOW, what a work of art! There is a great feeling knowing that you are self-sefficient and set for months in case of the unforeseen. I’m very impressed!
      I don’t remember why i missed this article late last year. So glad Cassie ran it again.

    • Jacquie says:

      Wow! Now that is a thing of beauty. I’m fairly new to Mrs. J & I’m so inspired. I used to live in a border community & shop in the States, so it was easy to coupon then, but until I found Cassie, I really didn’t know there was this much saving to be had in Canada!

      • teachermum says:

        Thanks Jacquie,

        I am a great planner (oh, you should have seen the diagrammes I had for our kitchen remodel!) and dh can pretty much figure out how to build most things I come up with. It is amazing what you can fit in a 4×6 space with the proper shelving.

        I too live on the border but with more than $5 in gas and the $7 in tolls I just never bother. We also don’t prefer US diary products, eggs, poultry or beef and fruits and veg are restricted so it has never been worth the bother for me. I rarely use coupons for products we use, they most often go towards products I donate to our local shelter. I just shop the sales.

  5. Susan says:

    I also only buy what I need. I do stockpile some items but if I know that the expiry is soon I buy as much as I use. I try to use coupons when items are on sale so that I save even more. I do my grocery shopping by whats on sale that week.

  6. Kitty says:

    I think that dresser drawer full of pain meds is probably a BIG waste of money. Who uses that much Aspirin?!

  7. Carrie says:

    I live in an old farm house and mice seem to be a problem. I have to store everything including toilet paper into containers. How would you suggest me organizing my stockpile. I do have a garage yet again mice and most of my closet bottoms are full of containers that have my blankets and extra stuff in it.

  8. Trudi says:

    Thanks for sharing! kitty she didn’t ask for your opinion on how much pain meds she has or needs, she is sharing pictures to help us who need ideas how to organize! I don’t understand why people have to be so rude all the time. It’s none of our business what she buys or how much of it, she is taking time out of her busy schedule to help us all save money and help us in many ways! Thanks for all your hard work Cassie, it helps me ALOT!

  9. Carrie says:

    Trudi I agree, I am new at this and she has helped me alot and this is one topic that I need to figure out as I have mice. I just got three kittens to try to control it. hoping this helps so I can get organized soon.

    • P Spicer says:

      We store everything in well sealing clear plastic bins. Buy quality sealing bins, spend well on these – a penny saved on these is not a dollar earned. Buy one at a time if needed. One a month is better than 10 cheap ones. Then put any non metal or non glass food or toothpaste item in the bins and make it a habit to close them each time. You can go to a bakery and get the empty white 5 or 10 gallon tubs that are food grade safe (frosting and pudding) usually for free and a lot of soapy warm water cleans them up well. Label them as “SUGAR,” “RICE,” “CEREAL” (out of their boxes),”PASTA” etc since they are not see thru. Good luck. Everyone should do this even if you have to squirrels, mice, etc. This is how you keep them from coming in!!!

  10. MARION VARDY says:

    i do not stock pile that much ,,to me its a waste..unless you have a big family,,

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