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  • Guest Post Submission

  • Thank you for your interest in guest posting on MrsJanuary.com. I am always looking for new content to share with my readers!

    Please note that we will link to personal blogs only.

    MrsJanuary.com accepts the following types of guest posts:
    - Personal Finance Articles
    - Frugal Living Articles
    - Couponing/Stockpiling Articles
    - Organizing Articles

    Article length: I prefer to keep articles between 300-500 words, with 500 being ideal. Please try to stick to this length for your article. If you simply cannot keep your article that short, please be advised that I may edit and shorten your article myself, or break it up into two or more blog posts.

    Tips for writing guest posts on MrsJanuary.com
    - Use short sentences and bullets whenever possible. Most online readers prefer to skim-read content, so please accommodate them.

    - Photos: Please try to include one or more photos with your article. If the photo is not your own, please note the URL source at the bottom of your article.

    - Article ending & intro: Be sure to include a paragraph or two to introduce and end the article.

    Other notes
    - All content must be original (not published elsewhere) and of high quality.

    - Please keep in mind that I have the right to edit your article to ensure it flows well with the other content posted on MrsJanuary.com.

    - I have the right to reject an article if I do not feel that it is a correct fit for MrsJanuary.com.

    - MrsJanuary.com does not currently offer monetary compensation for guest posts. If you have a website, I would be happy to link to it in your article.

    - Please include a short bio with your article, as well as a link to your website if you have one.

    To submit a guest post to MrsJanuary.com, please send an email to webmaster@mrsjanuary.com with “Guest Post Submission” as the subject line. Please include the following information in your email:

    - Full name
    - Guest post title
    - Guest post (please do not attach as a file – simply type your guest post into the email)
    - Short bio and link to your website
    - Photo(s)

    Please note that not all guest post submissions will be accepted. You can expect a response to your submission within 2 weeks.