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  • Where to Find Tear Pad Coupons in Canada

  • Have you ever tried to find tear pad coupons at your local grocery or drug store and walked out empty handed?

    If so, you’re not alone. Thankfully, you can still find decent tear pad coupons in Canada.

    Tear Pad Coupons.

    Where to Find Tear Pad Coupons

    Unfortunately, coupon tear pads are hard to find these days (I’m totally blaming Extreme Couponing for that!). When you do find some, they’re likely for products you really have no interest in purchasing. All of the “good” coupons are often completely gone within the first week that they are put out (sometimes they are gone faster than that).

    There are a few reasons why you may not able to find tear pad coupons:

    1. You are looking at the wrong stores (check out the list below for the best stores to find coupon tear pads).
    2. You are not looking for coupons often enough.
    3. Other people are rudely taking way more coupons than they need (either for themselves, to trade or to sell on eBay).

    If you want to find more tear pad coupons, you have to be diligent about how often and where you are looking for them. Since couponing has become so popular lately, everyone and their mother is out looking for coupons. And since tear pads are (or, were) some of the easiest to find, that’s what they look for first.

    It’s very rare that I can walk into a grocery store and find a bunch of tear pad coupons. If I’m lucky, I might find 2 or 3 new ones, but that’s about it. Rewind a few years ago and tear pad coupons were everywhere. It was not uncommon for me to find 10-12 new tear pad coupons at one store.

    How to find tear pad coupons:

    There are two ways that you can find tear pad coupons. You can search for them yourself or you can trade coupons with others who may have been able to find them before you could.

    If you want to try to find coupon tear pads yourself, I recommend searching for them at the following types of stores:

    • Health food stores
    • Stores with higher prices.
    • Specialty stores (Asian and Indian markets, for example)

    Avoid stores that don’t fit with the list above, as they get more foot traffic (which means you won’t have as much luck finding coupons there).

    Following is a list of stores that I would suggest checking for coupon tear pads.

    Grocery Stores:

    • Sobeys
    • Metro
    • Highland Farms
    • Logos
    • Foodland

    Health Food Stores:

    • Whole Foods

    Specialty Stores:

    • Rabba

    Drug Stores:

    • Shoppers Drug Mart
    • Rexall/PharmaPlus

    I recommend looking for tear pad coupons at least once per week, if you can manage that, because you never know when there will be new ones in store (personally I have had the best luck at the beginning of the month).

    Don’t forget about couponing etiquette when you do manage to find tear pad coupons. Only take what you will use, and leave some behind for other shoppers. Please do not take entire tear pads full of coupons!

    Which stores do you often find tear pad coupons?

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    39 Responses to »
    Where to Find Tear Pad Coupons in Canada

    1. Norma says:

      there used to be a giant board in our local store but all of a sudden it’s GONE and it hasn’t returned…so disappointed!!

    2. Kendra Hittel says:

      Superstore. Giant board of ‘em before you even enter the store!

    3. Dianne says:

      I always get the majority of my tear pad coupons at my local Independant store on a board loaded with various coupons at the entrance.

    4. Janice says:

      I’ve had luck with the Coupon Zone at our Independent as well as usually finding the same tearpads posted right by the product in the aisle. The RCSS at the other end of town has also been really good for posting coupons in both locations but is too far away for regular checking.

      I do find that “good” coupons disappear quickly from the Coupon Zone. I picked up some Crest coupons during a quick trip last Thursday and I counted four tearpads of them. When I went back for my regular shopping on Saturday, all of the tearpads were gone.

      • Cassie Howard says:

        Unfortunately, that’s what I see, too at RCSS. :(

      • Tahlia says:

        Janice, which RCSS do you mean? I’m an Aussie in Vancouver and new to the whole coupon thing – do you think the RCSS locations we have here would have coupon tear pads?

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