Checkout 51 Couponing App Review

Review of the Checkout 51 App.

Checkout 51 Review

What is Checkout 51? Read Cassie’s article, The Ultimate Guide to Checkout 51 for an in-depth look into what this couponing app is all about.

Whether you’re an avid or occasional coupon user, you have probably heard about the new cash back/rebate application available in the (Apple) App Store and the (Google/Android) Play Store called Checkout 51. This app is still fairly new and Canadian shoppers are buzzing about it.

A beta version was initially introduced mid-August of 2012 and was publicly available in December 2012 to iPhone users (the Android version was made available on April 18th, 2013).

I have been a member for about 4 months and I have received two cheques already and am working on my third. With Checkout 51, I have saved over $55!

Like many other smartphone users, I was excited about the concept of this app, but apprehensive about the quality of the deals – as well as whether it would be a scam or not. This app is the first of its kind and the concept is very innovative. I quickly learned that Checkout 51 is not a scam. It has actually become one of my absolute favourite apps to use.

How Checkout 51 Works

It’s easier than using traditional coupons

This free app is perfect for experienced couponers as well as those that are beginners. A huge plus is that you can access Checkout 51 straight from your smartphone and you do not have to worry about potentially losing coupons.

You can pull out your phone while at the grocery store and check the current offers, as well as the stock of the deals (as they are limited and can run out).

There are no physical coupons involved with this app so your checkout experience is simplified since no actual couponing is required while the cashier checks out your purchases.

Checkout  51 Instructions

It sweetens your deals

My favourite thing about this app is that I’m capable of doubling and even tripling up my deals. As we all know, coupons can provide you with amazing deals on their own – but even better ones when you pair them up with a sale price.

Here in Ontario, we are not allowed to use more than one coupon per purchase (no coupon stacking), so it’s very important for us to use coupons on sale items to maximize our deals. Now, Checkout 51 allows you to receive a rebate on items that you purchased on sale (or price matched) as well as used coupons for. That’s the ultimate deal!

I love this app because it has finally allowed me to purchase items for a couple of cents, receive items for free and in some cases – make money from purchases! For example, if an item is on sale for $1 and you have a coupon to save $0.50, and a Checkout 51 rebate for $1, you will end up making $0.50 for purchasing the item!

Diversity in weekly product offers

From months of using Checkout 51, I have found that the weekly offers are quite diverse. They have a good variety every week but for some people it might take longer to reach the $20 mark depending on personal preferences and diets.

I appreciate how the offers range in food, household cleaners, to personal hygiene products as well. There are some offers that have restrictions on sizes of products and variations, but from my experience, it’s not overly limiting.

Perfectly timed offers

Since offers begin on Thursday mornings, this app allows shoppers to watch out for flyer sales that not only end on Thursday nights but also begin on Friday mornings. It is best to take advantage of the offers as soon as possible because there have been times when I’ve checked the app while at the grocery store and noticed that certain deals were all claimed.

There are indicators when the offers are low in stock (it says “not many left”), so watch for those.

Checkout 51 Limits

Device compatibility

I originally had the app on my iPod (4th generation with camera), but I found that the camera took low quality photos, so whenever it came to uploading photos of my receipts, I took photos with a lot of natural light or with the help of a desk lamp. Luckily, the processing team was able to read all the information on my receipt and approve them within 48 hours.

So, for those with the 4th generation iPod, Checkout 51 does works fine with this device!

Checkout 51 Receipts

Good response time

After 4 months of having this app, I have submitted a total of 10 receipts. From my personal experience, the processing time is very fast. The quickest that I’ve ever had my receipt approved was 9 minutes and the longest was 22 hours and 39 minutes.

After reviewing all my processing times, I determined that they take an average of 2 hours and 26 minutes. Much less than the 48 hours that they estimate. I’m very impressed with their processing team.

The two cheques that I have ordered have arrived in about one week, but I live in a neighbouring city of Toronto. Your cheques may take a bit longer if you live outside of Ontario. I also appreciate the fact that Checkout 51 will email you every step of the process to keep you up to date on your rebate.

Multiple accounts per household

Here’s a bonus – they allow multiple accounts per household! The only restriction is that they only allow one account per smartphone. So you and your spouse could both take advantage of the weekly offers if you have 2 devices.

If you’re looking to start couponing or you want to push your deal hunting to the next level, I would definitely recommend that you try this app out. It’s a free cash back/rebate app that has so much potential to save you a great deal of money off your weekly grocery bills.

Checkout 51 Sign In

To download Checkout 51 please visit their website.

Summary of the pros and cons

Checkout 51 Pros

  • It’s very easy to use and it’s free
  • No physical coupons involved
  • Capable of tripling deals (sales/price matching + coupon + cash back)
  • Diverse offers with good timing
  • Works on Apple & Android devices, even with lower end cameras
  • Quick approval time (average of 2-3 hours)
  • Quick cash outs and cheque arrival time (approximately 1 week within Ontario)
  • Multiple accounts per household (one account per device)

Checkout 51 Cons

  • Limited number of deals, potential of missing rebate offers
  • Not available in Quebec
  • Without a data plan, you won’t be able to check the availability of deals while shopping

Have you tried Checkout 51 yet? If so, what do you think?

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  1. Lisa Anne says:

    I am hearing great reviews about this app. I am waiting for it to be compatible with my OS!!!

  2. Andrea says:

    I love this app! I’m still new to it, but I’ve already saved quite a bit.

    The new update allows you to use the app offline.

    • Samantha says:

      That’s great to hear Andrea!
      Yes! I noticed that the latest update for apple allows offline access, this app is just about perfect now!

  3. Mel says:

    I am close to requesting my first cheque, but cannot find information on whether or not they charge service chargers for processing your reimbursement. If I request a 20.00 cheque do they take any fees out?

    • Samantha says:

      Hello Mel,

      I have requested 3 cheques now and there are no fees associated with the payment. You will receive a cheque for the exact amount on your account. Good luck with hitting $20!

  4. Christine says:

    So happy with this app!

    I don’t buy anything I don’t need (or wasn’t already planning to buy). I just check this app afterwards and see if anything made the list. No extra spending, just money back!

    Saving up for my first cheque and I am oh so excited!

    This app makes saving money fun!

    Way to go 🙂 I am addicted!

  5. Chelsea says:

    Hi, I was just wondering about the information they get from the receipt. What happens if I pay with a credit or debit card and my card number is on the receipt?

  6. Rose Ann says:

    My question is this: lets say i shop for bananas at a grocery store and it only reads “produce” on receipt, will that be excepted?

  7. nicki minaj says:


  8. Cheryl says:

    It is easy to use, however, they only accept English receipts. Where I live in N.B. most of the receipts ar in French. Bummer! Does anyone know of an app for the French version?

  9. amana says:

    I am curious for my credit card I don’t want anyone to see the last numbers of my credit card it is possible to use cash instead

    • Erica Ashley says:

      It doesn’t matter how you pay for your groceries. You can use cash, credit or debit. As long as you submit your receipt.

  10. Summer says:

    I have being member for about 6 months now and I have almost $65.00. It works amazingly. The real deal begins when you wait for item to go on sale, then price match and use coupons and then submit receipt. Have fun

  11. Jujusamples says:

    I’ve been using this app for about 6 months and loved it! Unfortunately the amount I get cashback for products which I usually get and use goes lower and lower. I”m not understanding why that is happening? I get half the amount that other’s get. Could someone help understand that?

  12. Samantha says:

    Hi Neena,

    Each receipt can only be used once. If the same receipt is submitted by different members, they will only give cash back on the first submission by the first member who submits it.

    I would sugest that you just mark both items on one account so you don’t miss out on the cashbacks.

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