Canada Rewards Program – Chapman’s Kids Club

Have you heard of the Chapman’s Kids Club? It’s a website that allows your children to play games and win prizes. The kicker is that your kids don’t have to play… you can! Which means you can play really simple kids games such as:

– Jigsaw Puzzles
– Ice Cream Picasso
– Word Search
– Memory
– Solitaire
– Breakout

For every game you play, you earn points. Points vary on the game and the difficulty level.

I should also mention that you get 35 points every 24 hours, just for logging in and you can only earn 600 points per 24 hours (not including the 35 points for logging in).

You can then redeem your points for prizes. Here are the current prizes on the website:

– Fridge Magnet = 500 (max 8 per year)
– Rubber Key Chain = 1000 (max 3 per year)
– Set of 3 Pens = 1000 (max 7 orders per year)
– Canada Beach Ball = 1500 (max 3 per year)
– Notepad & Pen = 1500 (max 2 per year)
– Chapmans Freezer Bag = 1500 (max 6 per year)
– Bookmarks = 1500 (max 2 per year)
– Highlighter = 1500 (max 5 per year)
– Pencil Case = 1500 (max 3 per year)
– Metallic Pen = 1800 (max 2 per year)
– Toothbrush = 2000 (max 4 per year)
– Chapmans Playing Cards = 3000 (max 4 per year)
– Rubber Calculator = 4000 (max 3 per year)
– Toque = 4500 (max 2 per year)
– Chapmans T-Shirt = 5000 (max 2 per year)
– Lunch Bag = 5000 (max 2 per year)
– Chapmans Apron = 6000 (max 2 per year)
– $5.00 Chapmans Coupon = 7500 (max 2 per year)
– Chapmans Toy Truck = 9500 (max 2 per year)

I know those numbers seem really high, but I promise you that it is very easy to earn alot of points in a short amount of time.

I have redeemed my points many times for pens, coupons, shirts, etc. They ship your prize(s) very fast.

I probably only spend about an hour or two every WEEK playing games on the website and I’m able to redeem for at least 1 prize every week (but I usually let them build up so I can get a bigger prize).

Note: You can have up to 6 accounts per address!

Click here to sign up to Chapmans Kids Club and earn prizes!

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  1. Leanne says:

    Does the limit of items per year renew every calendar year or is it calculated from the time you signed up??

  2. FallenPixels says:

    thanks, I didn’t know you could have more than one per household, time to sign up the BF

  3. angela says:

    I played for 2 months, and I redeemed my points to some prizes ,but never rcv any from Chapman. Is the KIDS CLUB still working ?

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