Old Navy Canada – Girls Toddler T-Shirts For 47 Cents

Old Navy Canada - Shirt

Old Navy online has girls’ toddler t-shirts for only 47 cents each right now, which is almost 95% off the original price of $8.50!

I just checked on the website and see gray and white shirts for sale in sizes 2T and 4T (white) and 6-12 months (gray).

I wish these were available for boys and I would pick up a bunch for Elliott!

Click here start shopping at Old Navy Canada online!

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  1. Cathy :) says:

    WOW!! – i can’t think of any little girl i could buy this for right this moment, but this is an INCREDIBLY good price!!!! Wow!!! I followed the link to their site – they have some decent deals for men and women too (not ALL deals, and certainly NOT 0.47$ lol :)… BUT… – maybe worth a trip… (i like trying before buying, so i don’t buy lots of clothes online yet…) Great post!!

  2. Amanda says:

    That’s an insane deal!!! But the shipping is too much…unless there is a code for FREE shipping 🙂

    • admin says:

      Amanda – I looked for a free code and couldn’t find any. 🙁 This deal is only good if you have a few others things to buy as well, I guess.
      Cathy – Old Navy is great, they always have good deals. This one is the best I’ve ever seen though!

  3. Cathy says:

    Amanda: your post made me smile… When I opened the Old Navy site and saw ‘free shipping on orders $50+’ i thought to myself that’s a **LOT** of tshirts!! lol 🙂 (i’m not sure, but the $50 ‘may’ be combinable between Old Navy/Gap and banana republic sites – to be checked… – in case they’d have really good deals… (i didn’t look at the 2 other sites though…) Ok, have a nice day!! 🙂

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