How To Create A Coupon Binder – Video!

I got a new coupon binder and am super excited about it, so I created a how to create a coupon binder video so others can see how I have it all set up. My previous binder was about 1/3 of the size of this new one and would fall apart ALL the time, leaving coupons all over the floor in the stores. Embarrassing!

So, I went out and spent $20 on this awesome Case-It binder. I bought it from Zellers with my SPC VIP card, so I got 10% off as well. I think the price was definitely well worth it, if it can hold up much better than my last binder.

Only time will tell (but I have a good feeling)!

Ready to check out my new partner in crime?

How To Create A Coupon Binder

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