Organized Christmas – Plan Your Holiday Menu

If you are hosting any type of holiday meal this Christmas, you need to have a plan. Even if you are only making eggs & bacon for breakfast and some frozen meals for dinner – have a plan or you will be sorry! Why is it so important to plan your holiday menu? It’s important because you need to make sure you have all of the ingredients on hand. It’s also important because it makes the meal preparation step a lot less stressful. Since I know that many people will be making a special dinner for the holidays, here are some questions you should ask yourself before you jump right in.

What type of meal are you going to have? Will it be a sit down dinner or a buffet? How many people will be there? Just your immediate family or every single person you know? You need to be aware of how many people will be there so that you know how much food to buy and how to set the table(s) up. You need to know the type of meal you are going to have so you can make sure you have enough dinnerware, seating cards, buffet servers, etc.

What do you want to serve? This is obviously the most important part of the planning process. Here is what many Christmas dinners consist of, to give you an idea of what to put on your menu:

– Turkey
– Gravy
– Baked Ham
– Candied Yams or Sweet Potatoes
– Stuffing
– Cranberry Sauce
– Eggnog
– Mashed Potatoes
– Apple, Pumpkin or Pecan Pie
– Rolls
– Mixed Vegetables

Once you have decided on your menu, you then need to figure out how much to make. If you will have 10 people over to eat, make sure you have enough food to feed 15 people. It’s always better to have leftovers than to leave your guests/family still hungry!

If you have any special recipes you want to make this year, pull them out now and check all of the ingredients. Write down what you need to buy. Then, you need to keep an eye on the store flyers and watch for sales on those items. Stores will have Christmas dinner items on sale ALL THE TIME now, so you just need to watch for when the particular items that YOU need go on sale. Then, head on in, pick them up, and set them aside until it’s time to make your holiday dinner.

By planning your holiday menu now, instead of waiting until the day before Christmas, you will be less stressed out when it’s finally time to start cooking that fabulous meal!

Do you have any tips for making your holiday menu planning any easier? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Sun says:

    Good advice. I’m having some friends over for the holidays… I need to figure out the turkey:people ratio… any help with that? 🙂

    • admin says:

      usually when you buy a turkey you can find the ratios right on the package it comes in. if not, just check the weight and enter it in to google to find the ratio. i cooked my first turkey this year and was terrified it wouldnt work, but it did. it said on the package it would make 12 servings and it made 11 or 12. 🙂

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