Freshco Canada – Price Match Policy

Freshco Canada Price Match Policy.

Freshco Canada Price Match

Here is the price match policy for Freshco Canada:

Freshco Canada Price Match Policy

Our “Cheaper Guaranteed” promise means if a major supermarket competitor within this store’s geographic trade area offers a lower price on any item that we carry in our store, simply show us their price on their flyer/ad (current) or receipt (within 7 days of purchase) and we will sell you that item for 1¢ less.

Applies to identical items (same brand, item type (in the case of produce, meat and bakery), size and attributes) or comparable items in the case of private label. Does not apply to prescriptions or gift cards.


Excludes ‘spend x get x’; and ‘free’ promotions and discounts obtained through loyalty programs. We reserve the right to limit quantities. “Our major supermarket competitors”, “geographic trade areas” and “comparable items” are determined solely by us and are based on a number of factors that can change from time to time.

We reserve the right to make changes to this program without prior notice.

Posted on, December 19, 2012
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  1. Vicky says:

    There is a limit of 2 items per price match at our local store.

    • Ash says:

      Freshco price match is joke, I went to shop Mississauga store and they woun’t price match value mart grocery. When i ask cashier to show where is your web site or anywhere it mentioned you dont price match this store?? when manager came he even didnt offer the price match.
      Just to say from customer point of view they dont understand customers value or simply their price match is joke.

  2. diana taylor says:

    This is not true..we have decided that unless things change right now not only will we not shop at freshco we will tell everyone how you lie and do not keep your word- first of all your flyers only go till Wednesday and the new flyers don’t arrive till Friday so when I go in on Thursday the sale price is not honoured….second I have been taking in my flyers from other stores to price match the whole time we have shopped there and in the past they have honoured this until this week I was told only two and then they lied and said that has always been the policy….do they think I am stupid!!!!!! I have always bought things in fours…now saying only two is new…and how is that price matching if there is a limit.

  3. davey says:

    I was behind a guy last night at the FreshCo in Oakville (Third Line & Dundas). He was price matching and had 4-6 of some of the items, and didn’t appear to have a problem.
    Maybe each specific store has their own policies?

  4. I went into freshco to purchase two cases of coke with my price matching ad from shoppers drug mart not knowing freshco policy.First I get to the cash and the cashier tells me they do not price match shoppers drug mart only major grocery stores.but in the stores they have signs that they will price match if you find a lower price they are pink and they are everywhere with no exclusion on these signs.Then is it right for the cashier to tell you that they will not price match no put up a sign by the cash with your policy on it.As for the argument of major grocery stores only holds no water as shopper drug mart sells everything that freshco sell except produce.Then to add insult to injury they did not even have the price for the cases of coke on the shelfDo us all a favor and take down those pink signs that say price match or change them to read only piece match grocery stores only

  5. russ says:

    I went through check out at freshco and price matched and tried to use a coupon they told me you cannot price match and use a coupon. I didn’t not realize this was there policy. it makes no sense since they are reimbursed by manufacturer.

  6. Lynne says:

    My Freshco in Courtice will price match up to 2 of each UPC, so for example I was price matching Ensure and could get 2 of each different flavour. They allow manufacturers coupons on top of that too.

  7. ranger says:

    Freshco in Peterborough won’t price match with Canadian Tire (Folgers coffee), but, Canadian Tire price matches and gives back an extra 10% in Canadian Tire money.

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