Target Canada Price Match Policy

Target Price Match Policy.

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Here is the price match policy for Target:

Target Canada Price Match Policy

– Price match may be requested prior to your purchase.
– Price match can only be completed at our stores. Price match for Canadian purchases are not valid in Target’s U.S. stores or
– The original Target receipt must be brought in when requesting a post-purchase price match.
– The item must be the identical item, brand name, size, weight, colour, quantity and model number.

Online Competitor Price Match:
– For matching eligible online competitors, the retail price must be current and shown on the Canadian competitor’s website or mobile application at the time price match is requested.
– Price match is valid only for the following Canadian online retailers:,,,,,, and
– Guests will be required to show competitor offer on their personal mobile device. Team members may request a refresh of the webpage or application to validate date of offer and pricing.
Printouts, screen shots and competitor offers shown on any site other than the competitor’s website will not be accepted.

Competitor Weekly Flyer Price Match:
– For matching local competitor weekly flyers, whether digital or print, the competitor’s advertisement must show the retail price, the price must be applicable locally, and the price must be valid on the day the price match is requested.
– For flyer (print): Guests will be required to show the entire printed advertisement. Photos and photocopies of the flyer will not be accepted as verification.
– For flyer (digital): Guests will be required to show the competitor’s digital flyer on their personal mobile device. Target team members will then verify that the flyer is current and local. Team members may request a refresh of the webpage or application to validate. Printouts and screenshots will not be accepted as verification.
– Third-party mobile applications such as flyer aggregator websites are also acceptable.
– We accept competitor catalogue price match as long as the catalogue displays a current date and retail price and meets all other price match qualifications.
– All matches are done against pre-tax prices; guest is responsible for applicable taxes.
– We reserve the right to verify a competitor’s advertised price and the availability of the item.
– We reserve the right to limit price match to reasonable quantities.

Price Match Guarantee: exclusions

Retailer exclusions:
– Prices from U.S. Target stores, including CityTarget, and prices from
– Prices from any US competitor store locations or retail websites.
– Online prices from any competitors not listed above.
– Target Mobile, including contract cell phone plans and devices.
– Purchases at Brunet affiliated pharmacies in Target’s Québec stores.

Price exclusions:
– “Marketplace”, auction and secondary seller prices: Price matched items must be sold directly by the competitor; prices from third party sellers on the competitor’s website will not be honored.
– Prices that only display on a website after guests log in.
– Clearance, closeout, damaged product, used, refurbished, open packages or liquidation sales.
– Prices advertised only as a percent off or dollar off, if regular price is not listed.
– Paid membership club or paid loyalty programs (e.g. prices that require a club or loyalty card that is associated with a membership fee).
– Buy one, get one if the retail price is not shown in the advertisement.
– Competitor price matches on items where Target or the competitor is offering a free gift card.
– Competitor coupon-required, including mobile coupons.
– Mail-in offers or instant rebates.
– Offers that include financing.
– Free product where no qualifying purchase is required.
– Bundled offers and special purchases.
– Sales tax promotions.
– Any other promotions otherwise prohibited by law.

Ad exclusions:
– Items advertised as limited time/limited supply/limited quantity.
– Black Friday and Boxing Day ads (including adjusting prices for previously purchased items).
– Pricing or typographical errors.

Item exclusions:
– Non-branded or private label items.
– Product services (warranties, assembly, etc.).
– Display merchandise, used or previously owned items.
– Damaged product or opened packaging.
– Items part of movie/game reservation card promotion.
– Gift cards and prepaid cards.
– Items out of stock at a Target store at the time the price match is requested will not be issued a rain check.
– Target team member discounts may not be used with price match.

What do you mean by local retail competitors?
This refers to retail stores located within the same Canadian market area as a particular Target store. Examples of a market area can be a city, a metropolitan area or a specific rural region.

Can I use a coupon when price matching?
A guest can use coupons when price matching per Target’s normal coupon policy. We happily accept one manufacturer’s and one Target coupon per item. View our Store Coupon policy . Target does not ad match a competitor’s coupon-required offers.

These steps will be followed for price match when a guest presents a coupon(s):

– Manufacturer coupons: Manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made.
– Target coupons: Target coupons will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the price match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price.
– Combining both Target and manufacturer coupons: the Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the new price, the price will be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made, the manufacturer coupon will be applied.

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  1. Gwen says:

    You are now in Canada; please learn to spell properly. Colour.

    • Jamie says:

      Well, if we’re going to be pedantic we might as well make the same comment about the Canadian spelling of catalogue too..

  2. DL says:

    Can’t wait until our local Target opens!! I love my coupons, so this is going to be fun. And frankly, I could care less about spelling errors. Lighten up. : )

  3. Kerri Drover says:

    No one cares about American/Canadian spelling anymore.

  4. Jill says:

    So if you price match AND use a Target coupon…what’s the point of using the Target coupon if they are only going to match the price and NOT apply the Target coupon after matching?

    • misskitty_79 says:

      Yeah, if price matching, don’t bother w/ Target coupons. Thankfully, they’ll still let you add a manufacturer’s coupon, unlike how Zellers used to make you choose between the two.

    • Josie says:

      I agree, that’s so stupid! Bring your Target Coupons to WalMart! 🙂

  5. Josie says:

    Limit of ONE Price Match!? 🙁

    Only good thing so far is;
    One Target coupon and one Manufacturer coupon!

  6. Tracy says:

    Well that sucks. I buy lunchables like crazy. One price match per item sucks and will force me to walmart for price matching or Superstore.

    • Olivia says:

      I think you and Josie misunderstood. The one item limit is for ONLINE advertised items. I think that print (flyers, etc) advertising does not apply. That’s the way I read it.

  7. kris says:

    At least you can use a manufacturer coupon and a target coupon at the same time! Sounds good to me.

  8. Kim says:

    I’ll continue to do my price matching at Superstore with the limit of 6 of each item

  9. Karen says:

    Don’t waste your time at Target. Go to Walmart, there’s no limit and they will take your Target coupons!
    I just came back from Target where I priced matched and because the items were below the price on the coupon, they wouldn’t let me use them. Walmart is the BEST!

  10. Agata says:

    Is it really true that the Walmart will accept the Target coupons?

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