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CartSmart Cash Back

Another new money saving application is on the scene to help you save money! This app is called CartSmart and it is similar to the other money saving apps out there (Checkout 51 and SnapSaves).

Just like the other two applications, with CartSmart, all you have to do is purchase participating products, take a photo of your receipt, send it in, and earn cash back. That’s it – simple! New offers go live every Friday, and offers are limited.

BONUS – Quebec residents can use this app, too (check each offer, though, because some offers are not eligible in Quebec).

The one difference with CartSmart (use code MRSJANUARY for exclusive Mrs January offers that are coming soon), is that you can actually cash out with as little as $5, instead of hitting the $20 requirement that the other programs have. The catch is that you have to cash out with Paypal, not a cheque.

Another cool thing that CartSmart offers is a built-in shopping list. You can add current deals and cash back offers to specific lists that you create within the application. This makes your shopping trip a lot easier!

CartSmart App

Ready to submit a receipt? Here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure you have the app downloaded, and then log in.
  2. If you already made a shopping list, and added cash back offers to it, skip to the next step. If not, create a shopping list, then click on the “Add to list” button beside each item that you purchased.
  3. Once all of the items that you purchased are on your shopping list, go to your list, and click the green “Send your Receipt” button.
  4. The camera will come up, and you can take a photo of your receipt. Make sure that the photo is very clear and legible. The date and store name need to be visible, as well. If you have a long receipt, take multiple photos.
  5. Click the blue arrow in the top-right corner, select the store you purchased your items, and that’s it!

Currently, CartSmart is only available in the Apple App Store, but there should be an Android version coming soon, as well.

Download the CartSmart app on iTunes now! (use code MRSJANUARY for exclusive Mrs January offers that are coming soon) Or you can download it on google play!

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  1. jennah says:

    Wish this was available for android.. I love snapsaves and checkout 51

  2. Ali says:

    Hi Cassie, I had already downloaded cartsmart .. where/when would you use the mrsjanuary code?

  3. Silix says:

    Just curious, if both snapsaves, and checkout 51 have the same coupon for can you double up on the same item? Also, if I wanted to add the Cartsmart, but my phone is in the shop. Can I use MRSJANUARY code in 1-2 weeks from now?

  4. Penny Routledge says:

    Can I do this CartSmart rebates on a desktop computer. I don’t have a mobile device.

  5. Melissa says:

    I just downloaded the app and I saw a section for badges when you fill out more info about yourself, upload 1,3,5 receipts, etc. Do you get anything for these “badges”? And I agree with others so far, Checkout 51 is the best of all three. CartSmart doesn’t seem to have many offers at once.

  6. Lindsey says:

    I really like Checkout 51 and had $8 redeemable on one Snap saves receipt, however the receipt never showed up and neither did my $8 of credit. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Thanks.

  7. lorena says:

    Is cartsmart only available on iPhone. Can’t find it on my android app store

  8. Erica Ashley says:

    It’s not available on Android yet Lorena. As soon as it is we will let you know for sure.

  9. Marg starr says:

    Can I use my mini ipad

  10. I’ve been using CartSmart for over 2 months (in the US) it worked fine until today where nothing works. I received a message saying my rebate has been approved, then my account didn’t get updated. All my rebate dollars in my account disappeared today. I sent a message to support, but no response….I live in California, US

  11. Cassie Howard says:

    Cartsmart is a Canadian app.

  12. Bobbiejo says:

    I can’t find cartsmart app for Canada. It just tells me that it’s now available for my country?

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