Earth’s Best Organic – Maggots In Baby Food Pouches

Earns Best Organic Maggots

Do you buy Earth’s Best Organic baby food pouches? If so, you will want to watch this video right now!

It is absolutely awful and I hope that all parents watch this video and be careful when feeding your baby food from a pouch!

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  1. Catherine says:

    It’s awful that we can’t trust the quality of the food we feed our children! Last week I had a similar incident with President’s Choice corn, something caught my eye in the corn on my 2 year old’s plate – a maggot! The response from the company has been along the lines of – “This is to be expected from time to time with agricultural products..”. It doesn’t matter what brand the food is, it’s not acceptable to be feeding our children maggots and for the company to sweep it under the rug!

  2. MamaLove says:

    I have bought food from Target with perfectly fine BB dates on it and its been rotten, moldy, etc. With all 3 of us in my family SEVERELY deathly allergic to mold, it scares me. They REFUSED return and money back. Head office did nothing about the REPEATED incidents! My last straw with Target was when they kicked me and my Special needs child out of the store and threaten to call the cops, because she was having a sensory, autistic meltdown! I will never again shop at Target!

  3. teachermum says:

    Ewww! The pouches are ridiculously priced compared to the jarred food. I’d rather see through the glass, thank you! They sell refillable pouches if taking a jar and spoon along won’t work.

  4. Tara says:

    Look at the Facebook page. It looks like the mother was scamming the company.

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