Organizing Spices – An Organized Home In 30 Days

How did you do with today’s organizing challenge?

Thankfully, just like my pantry, my spices were in pretty good shape. I just needed a bit more organization, as well as some labels (because I don’t want to ruin another pot of soup by using a ton cayenne, when I meant to use paprika).

This is my baking/cooking cupboard, where I keep my baking ingredients and cooking ingredients (like garlic, spices, etc.):

Oraganized Baking Cupboard

It still needs a bit of work, but today I just wanted to tackle my spices. Here’s what they looked like when I started:

Messy Spice Cupboard

Messy Spices

Like any organizing task, the first thing I did was remove everything from the bottom shelf and cleaned the shelf and items. Then, I filled up the spice jars that needed filling, labeled them and put them back on the shelf (which I bought from Walmart).

Underneath that shelf are my freezer labels (I only keep them here because I haven’t found a better spot for them yet).

Oraganized Spices

The spices that we use most often are at the front and the spices that are not used as much go in the back.

Our extra spices go in the little purple bin that are behind the 2 bottles of Club House seasoning, and we also keep our bay leaves in a small Rubbermaid container.

Spice Cupboard

And that’s about it – that is how I organize my spices. For now, this system is working well and I don’t see us changing it any time soon – because now I can make recipes and will know I am using the right spices in them!

How did you do with this organizing task?

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  1. june says:

    I want to know where you got your large jars?

  2. julie says:

    funnily I wasnt going to do my spices since i had to move the pantry to yesterday and I had just done my spices last week, well while i was organizing the pantry i found room in there and moved my spices from the cupboard they were in and put them in there 🙂 so i guess i did both in one day. And works well with todays challenge since I now have some empty space in my kitchen cabinets

  3. Linda says:

    I want a label maker!

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