Organized Craft Supplies – An Organized House In 30 Days

How did you do with yesterday’s organizing task? I tried hard to get my post written up yesterday, but the day was just so crazy, and I couldn’t get it done. I’m sorry!

I don’t have any before photos of our craft supplies, because they were all over the house and I just needed to bring them into one location so that we always know where to go when we want to do crafts.

This is the organizing bin that we now use to house all of our craft supplies (my mother-in-law gave it to me a few years ago, I believe it was from Walmart):

Organized Crafts

Colouring Books

The top bin holds colouring books and construction paper.


The second bin holds stencils and a paper cutter.

Painting Supplies

In the third drawer I have a bin with paint and another bin with paintbrushes. The wooden basket at the back is a craft project for next week (Elliott is going to paint it).

Organized Craft Supplies

The fourth drawer is where all of our miscellaneous craft supplies go. Most of them are in glass jars, but the larger items are in zip-top bags. The bin at the back holds things like glue, squirt bottles, felt paper and googly eyes.

Organized Colouring

The last drawer is where all of our crayons, markers and pencil crayons go. I separated them in baby wipe containers instead of just keeping them all together in one giant mess.

That’s it! Elliott helped me and it took us about an hour to tackle this project. Then, we did crafts for another hour. I forgot how much fun crafts can be!

Did you get your craft supplies organized yesterday?

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  1. Olivia says:

    This one is a huge task at my house….my crafts and some for when children stay at my house. I haven’t completed yet, being such a big task here.
    Love your use of baby wipes for crayons and pencils…..perfect size. I tend to use plastic jars ( from peanut butter,etc) for the small items you use the glass jars for. These items don’t spoil and I find plastic lighter and safer to use instead of glass.
    You definitely deserve a carefree weekend, Cassie. Thanks for all that you do here.

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