Organized Desk – An Organized Home In 30 Days

How did you do with today’s organizing task?

It took me much longer than expected, but that’s because I had this embarrassing mess to deal with:

Cleaning Desk Clutter

Messy Desk

Desk Clutter

Yep, that was my desk this morning – and I’m ashamed to admit that it’s looked that bad for weeks now. It was about time I did some desk organizing.

So – everything came off, the desk got wiped down, and then I very strategically started to put things back.

I really don’t like having clutter on my desk, so I keep it very clear most of the time. I enjoy having a lot of space to write or do other projects.

Keeping that in mind, I started organizing, and here’s what my desk looks like now:

Organized Desk Surface

I’ll be tackling those under-desk cords soon! Wall art will be going up soon, too.

Desk Organizing

On the left side of my desk, I keep a container for writing utensils and some facial tissue. That’s it.

Oh, and this green bin hides away in the little nook – it holds receipts.

Receipt Bin

Organizing My Desk

On the right side of my desk I put a paper sorter to hold loose papers (things that need to be filed, coupons that need to be clipped and put away and random papers I need to go through) and I also put a frame with an inspiring quote to keep me going while I work.

Inspiring Quote

You must do the very thing you think you cannot do – Eleanor Roosevelt (Tweet This!)

I also have this awesome paper sorter on the wall that I bought from Urban Barn. It holds our family binder and 2 of my business binders (one is missing because my accountant has it). I love it. =)

Organized Office Binders

The drawer unit that I have under my desk is from IKEA. Here’s what the drawers look like inside:

Organizing Desk Drawers

Desk Drawer Organizing

Missing my label maker!

Desk Drawer Organized

Mailing Drawer Organized

That’s about it! That is my newly organized desk. Let me tell you, it is so much easier to work at a clean desk. I can’t believe I put this task off for so long. Now the biggest challenge – keeping it clear and organized!

Did you get your desk organized today?

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  1. Taya says:

    Looks fabulous! I’m so jealous that you have an actual desk! 🙂

  2. Heather R says:

    Oh Cassie you shouldn’t be embarrased. If you could see all my befores on all of these tasks, you’d die. Honestly my afters look like some of your befores. More than once you’ve referred to yourself as lazy but girl you are anything but. I only wish I could be half as disciplined as you are!

  3. Laney4 says:

    Great job! I really enjoy how you share your household chores with the rest of us mere mortals, LOL. Seriously, though, it’s great knowing we aren’t alone, that everyone has clutters build up, and that we each handle them in our own ways. Many of the things you do are things I have done through the years and/or should be doing more often.

    One thing I have that you don’t (so far) – and that I think you would enjoy as much as I do – is a tape dispenser. I bought a heavy black one at Staples a few years ago (half price, of course) and wouldn’t want to go back to the the rolls of tape being in their original containers again. Being able to use just one hand to rip off the tape is soooooo much easier. Mind you, if you were to get one (too), you’d have to rearrange your drawer yet again, as it wouldn’t fit where your current rolls go!

    I thank you for the “kick in the pants” you gently give me to sit down and actually do something on “my list”. I love your framed quotation; very appropriate.

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